What I Do

Tarot, Mediumship, Oracle, Runes, Crystal Healing, Chakra Work, Energy Clearing, Reiki, Working with Spirit Animals, Events & Workshops, Meditation, Spiritual Development, Blogging, and More!

Are you in the greater Washington, DC metro area (DC, MD, VA)? I am excited to now be offering In Person Services in Curtis Bay, MD!

You can also book an online reading with me.


💖My Approach

  • Holistic
  • Healing
  • Guidance
  • Clarity + Insight – Brings Awareness
  • Growth + Forward Movement
  • Moving Past Blocks
  • Empowerment – YOU Hold the Power
  • Inspiration
  • Authenticity
  • Awakening, Enlightening
  • Spiritual
  • Intuitive
  • Loving
  • Honest

💖Why a Reading with Me may be Helpful:

✨I help you to dig deep and pull out your inner strength and drive. My readings also encourage your sense of creativity.

✨A reading with me can help you to explore and discover opportunities you were previously unaware of.

✨We can work together to bring out that spark of creativity within and take inspired action.

✨A reading can give you that push to move into uncharted waters, let go of fear of the unknown, and move away from difficult situations, people, and ways of thinking that no longer serve you.

✨If you’re feeling unsatisfied or like something is missing in your life, We can break down different ways to invite more HAPPINESS, joy, and stability into your life. I can also shine a light on what may be hampering your journey on the road to happiness in my HAPPY + WHOLE READING

✨My readings help you to cut away illusion, gain clarity, step into your power, and reveal the truest and most authentic expression of yourself. They encourage you to think in a different way about the situation at hand so that you can move forward more confidently.

I even have a few offerings that are perfect if you’re looking to connect with Angels, Spirit Animals, Ascended Masters, and Goddesses – so be sure to check them out!


💌When Purchasing a Reading:

Please give a brief description of the situation (2 – 3 sentences) as well as your question in the ‘Notes to the Seller’

Based on the information you provide when purchasing your reading, I will intuitively choose a deck to work with for your reading. I use both tarot and oracle decks in my readings, so if you have a preference as to whether tarot or oracle is used, please let me know in your ‘Notes to the Seller’.

Unsure of how to formulate a question for your reading? I can help!

A quick note about questions and phrasing: Note that I do not do Yes or No readings as we all have free will and nothing is set in stone. Instead of “Will I get the job?” I’d rephrase that question to “What do I need to know about or What is the energy surrounding getting this job?”

Before purchasing a reading with me, I ask that you recieve this reading with an open heart and an open mind as Spirit and soul come together to speak to you. Please also be sure to read my ETHICS + POLICIES as well as my DISCLAIMER. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.