"I will be recommending you to anyone who is looking for a reading of any kind! Since your email arrived on my virtual mat, I've felt something 'click' in my connections to spirit, and have the confidence to focus in a deeper way with spirit coming through the dream realm, with the element of water, with my third eye, and also scrying - which is proving 'interesting' (-: I feel very much that you have helped deepen my intentions and my energy is now flowing in a way that feels right, and that your little reading has uncovered a stepping stone that I couldn't quite see before. 

There's a sense of real excitement coming from my altar everyday since I began incorporating your suggestions into my practice, it's as if the energies I'm working with are as thrilled as I am with the new focus! 

Thank you so much again, I've had readings from some awesome tarot readers in the past, and I've been a reader myself for a few years also, but yours was right up there! I will definitely be back!" Bette on 3 Card Quickie Reading

"Dear Ariel, 

Well, what can I say? After I'd finished reading your message, I actually physically started to shake (I never shake)! 

You say that the number 7 appears twice and that this maybe relates to the number of guides. I have to tell you that I work with three goddesses in my practice, who are all connected in a very significant way to the number 7. Your reading indicates to me that my deep intuitive feeling that I should be working with these 3 deities for the long term is not unfounded. I was blown away that you brought up the number 7!! 

Finally, you say you kept hearing 'Mirror Mirror on the wall'- this made the hairs on my neck stand up. My altar is beside a mirror in my bedroom. In the morning I give offerings at my altar and light up candles, before sitting at the mirror to put on make up for the day - and it is routinely the time of day when I am consciously most thinking about my guides. I often ask for guidance here while I am preparing to begin my day. 

I am going to read your work again and again, I'm so thrilled to have this from you. It feels SO RIGHT. 

Thank you, you are pretty amazing. The friends who recommended you as a reader were totally spot on! Wow." Bette on 3 Card Quickie Reading

"I needed to hear exactly what came through. Thank you for reading me, for the depth of analysis, the time it took to put together, and your insight into my question! I printed it out, so I can keep the messages in mind." Sabrina on Clarity & Insight Reading

"I honestly appreciate how genuine and authentic Ariel is in her readings and practice. She's very wonderful, goes into detail, and she gave me useful and relevant information about my situation. It's obvious she has alot of experience and is excellent at going in depth on what she is talking about.I highly recommend her and will return for future readings! <3 " Amy M. on The Spiritual Quest Reading

"This reading was indeed full of clarity and insight! First of all, she was spot on and helped me to see many things that I was not seeing. This was very helpful for some blockages and insight into how to proceed and what to be more aware of. They reading itself was very well written and broken down in ways that were easy to follow and use again for reference. Whether you are a newbie or been getting readings for a long time, I highly recommend Ariel. She is insightful, helpful and a pleasure to work with. She is truly a gem and very authentic in her work. Thank you so much! :)" Lisa G. on Clarity & Insight Reading

"I LUVED my reading from Ariel! This reading was an amazing experience for me and I was more then thrilled. She showed me many things things in this reading that I was not aware of and helped me to see a whole new side to an issue. Her writing and explanation of the reading was detailed and very well explained. Her insight was very keen and led to a bit of a game changer for me. This reading was also full of loads of tips and ideas and how to move forward. So happy! Thank you so much :)" Lisa G. on Angels, Guides, & Goddesses Reading

"Lovely reading from Ariel, I highly recommend her! Reading was on point and the insight was very detailed. Definitely confirmed some feelings and more about the situation my reading was about. I feel now more than ever I can move forward with manifesting where my soul wants to live, yay! Received the reading quickly. Will definitely get another reading in the future :) Thanks so much Ariel! xx." Sorrell S. on 3 Card Quickie Reading

"Loved it. Arrived on time as promised. Plan to return to Maven Unmasked in the future. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give 10000." Precious S. on 3 Card Quickie Reading

"I actually have had a few readings from Ariel, and they all have been professional and extremely accurate. Ariel has an amazing knowledge base in this field. She knows her cards, and her intuition is spot-on. I would recommend a reading to anyone." Cara G. on Angels, Guides, & Goddesses Reading

“I had an AMAZING, inspiring and deeply empowering reading from @MavenUnmasked – I FULLY recommend her services! Feeling great now! ❤❤❤” Kelly-Ann Maddox

“I love your style– word choice/phrasing, how you pinpoint and then branch out, and how you include card names. This is especially helpful for readers that have no background in the Tarot and like to have a point of reference from which you’re pulling your information. You were succinct, direct, applicable, effective, and most important: ACCURATE! Which is what I look for in every reader. Thank YOU for reading me, sharing your skills and obvious talent.” NiSHA  of Universal Student

“Receiving a reading from Maven Unmasked was not only insightful, but pleasantly imaginative. Her insights provided me with practical tips and takeaways that I can now integrate into my everyday life. She was helpful from start to finish: she helped me coordinate my tarot card question, provided my reading in a timely manner and afterwards she promptly followed up to ensure that my experience was an enjoyable one. Not only did I walk away with a reading, but I also received a better understanding of myself and direction in this world. That’s something I’m forever grateful for and will definitely consult with her for all future life questions.” Ashley C

“Your reading was clear and it really did answer my questions. It addressed my doubts and worries and helped me move past them. I will recommend you for anyone who wishes or is interested in a tarot reading. Thank you again! I hope you have a wonderful New Year!” Rosa V.

“This was absolutely wonderful. I’m printing it out and putting it in my journal!” Samantha T.


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