Spiritual Mentoring Sessions

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Spiritual Mentoring Sessions

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Are you looking to grow spiritually or take your vibration up a notch? Looking for guidance on the spiritual journey, clarity, or just trying to get unstuck? Do you feel like your practice is "missing" something or perhaps you are just looking to get more in tune with you and the world around you? 

In my Spiritual Mentoring Sessions, I pull all of the yummy goodies out of my toolbox for you! Readings, tips, crystals, tools, meditations - all of the things! And yes, you may have some homework too. 

Grab your cup of coffee or tea and let's have some Spiritual Chit Chat - all from my soul to yours!

We can talk about past lives, spirit guides, angels, deity, spirit animals, reincarnation, life after death, paranormal questions, energy clearing, crystal recommendations, etc. And I may even throw down a card or two!

You get to pick my brain for a minimum of 30 minutes! Allot at least 45 minutes for your session. 

As always, I will have my cards, guides, and Spirit with me for assistance. It is an honor to be of service on your spiritual journey beautiful soul! xo

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Receiving your Reading

Mentoring Options: 

One 30 minute Skype Session

Package - Three 30 minute Skype Sessions (Save $10 per session with this option!)

    - 3 session package could be Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly for 3 consecutive months

At checkout, you will be required to fill out a short form so that I may see what you are looking to work on in our Mentoring Sessions together and to see if we would be a good fit to work with each other. 

*Please don't be late for your session as it will cut into your appointment time. You will be allowed one rescheduling. 

Before we begin our sessions, I will email you a copy of my Client Agreement which will need to be electronically signed and sent back to me before we meet for our session. If for some reason you cannot electronically sign the document, please reply to the original email thread stating that "Yes, I (Your Name) have read and agree to the Client Agreement. This is for my safety, protection, and understanding as well as yours. 

For my full Disclaimer, please click here

<3  I will be in touch via email to schedule your Skype Session. Be sure to check your SPAM folder!


***I do not do 3rd party readings, meaning YOU (not someone else) are the main focus of this reading***

***I do not give readings on financial, legal, or health situations as I am not a professional in any of those areas. I also do not claim to predict the future, as we all have free will, and therefore the future is never set in stone***

***Readings are NON-REFUNDABLE. If for some reason you are unhappy with your reading and would like further clarification on your reading, please contact me***

***I reserve the right to refuse to do any reading that makes me feel uncomfortable in any way. In that case a refund will be issued. If you have any questions as to if I am the right reader for you, please contact me***

***By purchasing a reading with me, you agree to my Ethics & Policies and that you are at least 18 years of age***

***DISCLAIMER: A Tarot reading is never a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counseling. For those who are suffering severe symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, or other ailments, please contact Professional Medical and/or Psychological Services in your area.

The information provided in a Tarot reading is not legally binding. I can assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, my Tarot readings.

This Tarot reading is provided only at the request of the person for whom it was prepared. The person requesting this Tarot reading affirms they are at least 18 years of age.