Distance Reiki Energy Healing Session

Distance Reiki Energy Healing Session


For your Distance Reiki Energy Healing Session I As the Healer Will:

- Light a candle for you during your session.

- Work with my healing guides for guidance as to your needs during the session.

- Send distance reiki (Usui) at an agreed upon date and time for one 15 minute session. Please note that this is not a Skype session.

- Your name will go into my reiki box on my crystal healing grid and will remain there for 7 days

*By purchasing this session, you give me permission to keep your name in my reiki box for 7 days, thus prolonging the healing session. Whenever I send distance reiki for the next 7 days, reiki will be sent to you as well!

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How Does Distance Reiki Work?

Energy knows no bounds. Energy is not limited by time, space, or physical distance. As an Usui Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), I have been attuned to reiki energy. Everything is vibration and intention. By sending out the vibration of reiki to you with my intention and by your openness and willingness to receive it allows the reiki to work. 

Benefits & Uses of Reiki

  • Empowerment & Increased Confidence
  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety, & Depression
  • Relaxation
  • Pain Management
  • Increased/Better Sleep
  • Reduced Headaches, PMS Symptoms
  • Detox
  • Faster Recovery Time from Injury
  • Overall Healing
  • Reducing Cravings/Addictions
  • Enhanced Energy & Sense of Wellbeing
  • Balances & Clears Energy
  • Creates Energetic Flow
  • Harmony/Peace
  • Increased Patience
  • Emotional Healing
  • Dealing with Grief
  • Self Love
  • And More!

When Purchasing Your Distance Reiki Session…

Please in the “Area of Concern” address what you would like your reiki session to focus on. 

What is your intention for the reiki session? What are you asking healing for?

Know that reiki is only a supplement to and is in no way a replacement of traditional medical care and advice from your physician. Reiki is not a cure for any disease. I make no guarantees about what you may experience before, during, or after my sessions. No distance reiki session may be performed without reading and agreeing to my disclaimer as well as my ethics and policies.

The information that follows is important to read before booking and again, right before your scheduled session... 

Before Your Session

Please be in a calm, quiet space and relaxed when your distance reiki is being sent. The less distractions you have, the better the session. 

Play meditative or inspirational instrumental music for a more immersive experience.

Be as comfortable as possible.

During Your Session

You may feel warm, cool, relaxed, tingly or your may feel nothing at all. 

Have no expectations going into your session. It is important to have an open heart and open mind. 

Reiki energy goes where it needs to go - where the healing is truly needed. If you are having stomach issues and come for a reiki session, the reiki will know if the issue is really physical or if it is something more emotional or spiritual such as anxiety,  anger, guilt, fear, etc.

After Your Session

Be sure to drink plenty of water after the session and for the next few days.

Eat a piece of dark chocolate to ground yourself.

Take an epsom salt bath or smudge (sage) yourself to help clear your energy after the session. 

Reiki is a detox and gets stagnant energy flowing, so you may find yourself more emotional or using the bathroom a bit more in the next few days after your session.