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Raising Your Vibration - What Is It & How To Do It!

What is a raise in vibration?


A raise in vibration is a raise in awareness and energy that elevates your connection to Spirit. I do believe this is facilitated by the expansion of the aura and the opening of the crown chakra. The physical body is dense. Spirit energy vibrates at a much faster and higher rate than ours. The higher the vibration, the more pure the vibration. 

In terms of a hierarchy of vibrational energy from lowest to most high, here is my understanding: 

1. Humans

2. Loved Ones in Spirit/Ancestors

3. Spirit Guides/Saints

4. Angels

5. Ascended Masters

6. Deity

7. The All - The Universe  

How does it feel to raise your energetic vibration? What may you experience?


For me, I experience happiness, joy, a lightness of being. My mind is free and clear. I get the tingles and my awareness of Spirit and energy is heightened. The world has a different glow to it. My body temperature rises and yes, I may begin to sweat. I speak faster as my mind begins to shift to an altered state. I feel uplifted and closer to Spirit. It is easier to communicate with your guides and spirit as well as raises your energy when your vibration is elevated.

A word of advice: Like any energetic attunement, a raise in vibration is like a breath of fresh air. An energetic high from which you don't want to come down. When doing readings all day in that high vibrational energy, it can be intoxicating. You may want to stay there forever. This however, can be dangerous. It may take a while for your body to assimilate your raise in vibration.

As you experience this energetic shift, you may not feel your best. You're shedding old thoughts, patterns, beliefs, ways of being. You're cutting cords to people, places, and things that no longer serve you. Your body may begin to purge itself of toxins.

Stay hydrated. Stay grounded. Stay shielded and protected energetically as when you raise your vibration and expand your aura, you open yourself up energetically. Don't forget to ground and "shut down" afterwards. Remember you're a spiritual being that has incarnated to have a physical experience and staying in your "woo-woo head" too long can lead to energetic burnout.  

How to Raise your Vibration

All that being said, here are some of my tips for raising your vibration!

Listening to your favorite feel good or spiritual music can help to raise your vibration. What does your soul like to listen to? Drumming, nature sounds, EDM, rap, top 40? Sing along! Clap your hands, stomp your feet, twirl around! This also helps to raise your energy.

Focus on the breath! Take nice, deep cleanising breaths. By focusing on the breath, your mind can begin to enter an altered state or at least more relaxed state. Clear your mind and create space for Spirit. 

Visualization and meditation are key! These tools help you to prime your energetic vessel for ascension. During meditation, when you wish to connect to Spirit, or tap into the energy of the Universe, visualize opening your crown chakra and expanding your aura. *Tip - Visualize the floors going up on an elevator as you breathe. Feel your vibration begin to rise as you ascend.


Open your crown chakra! Bring the color purple into your awareness. Get out the Lotus oil. Work with high vibrational crystals like selenite or amethyst to help facilitate this process. If you want something that packs a little more punch, give apophylite or moldavite a try! (Not for beginners to crystal energy or energy work in general).

Get plenty of rest, fruits, veggies, and water. I know, I know, I say this a lot. I have found a high vibrational diet to be helpful in my own practice, as these habits help you to feel your best from the inside out. This is important when trying to work with high vibrational energy.

Exploring nature is good for the soul and awakens the Spirit. It helps you to feel connected to The All, brings awareness to the energy all around you, and allows you to feel one with the Universe. Expand your awareness to notice signs, symbols, and synchronicities in nature.

Cleaning your space and clearing your energy helps to aid in the energetic flow required to facilitate a raise in vibration of not only your environment, but also your spirit energy.


Want to know which high vibrational energies want to assist you as you raise your vibration and ascend on your spiritual path? Check out my Angels, Guides, & Goddesses Reading or my Spiritual Quest Reading.  

What is your favorite way to raise your vibration? Leave a comment below! 

xo Ariel  


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Spirit Guides 101 - Part 2 of 2


This 2 part series is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding your spirit guides and building a relationship with them. This article is only the beginning of that partnership. Just as any significant relationship takes time, nurturing, communication, and patience to develop, so too does one with your guides. It is not instantaneous and will grow and change over the years. Be open to the discovery, the wisdom, and the experience.

In case you missed it, here's what we discussed in Part 1 of the series.

Part 2

Can an animal be my Spirit Guide?

Yes and no. There are what is called Spirit Animals or Animal Totems which are guides for you. However, I feel their relationship with you is a bit different than that of a traditional Spirit Guide. You can also have Spirit Guides who are half and half. For example, Ravens are one of my Animal Totems and I have a Spirit Guide who is half man, half raven. Ravens are not only a symbol for him, but as one of my totems, I see them quite often. Depending on the circumstance or the vibration of the encounter, I have learned to determine if this is my Spirit Animal or my Spirit Guide. In this case, they overlap and it may take time for you to figure out if this is a traditional Spirit Guide or your Totem. 

Can my loved one in spirit be my spirit guide?

No, they cannot. Why? A Spirit Guide is someone who you did not meet in this life as you planned your relationship with them, that they would be your guide, before you incarnated into this plane of existence in this life. Your grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, mother, father, brother, sister, or child cannot be a Spirit Guide for you in this life. This however, does not mean that they are not a guardian or look after your best and highest good on the other side. They are still there sending you love and helping you along in your journey, just not in the capacity that a Spirit Guide would. 

How do we choose our guides?

While we are on the Other Side, before we incarnate, we gather together with our soul family to create our soul contract. At the same time we gather with these other souls, those of which may have been our mother or our friend or arch rival in another life, may say they would like to be one of our guides to help us with whatever trials and tribulations we may encounter in our next incarnation. The relationship is about learning, soul growth, and development for both parties - yours and who you choose to be your guides. This relationship is part of the evolution of the soul. In my experience, our guides are often someone whom we have had a past life with. For example, one of my guides is a daughter of mine from a past life. Don't be afraid to ask your guides why you both chose to work together and what your past relationship was!

How do I meet one of my spirit guides?

Meditation is the easiest way to meet and connect with your guides! There are great 'Meet your Spirit Guide' meditations on YouTube. Start putting your intention out to the Universe and your guides that you are ready to meet with, open your communication, and deepen your relationship with them. 

How do I communicate with my guides?

Our guides communicate with us through our psychic senses (clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, clairsentiently, or claircognizantly), as well as through synchronicity and signs from the Universe. Talk to them, ask them for help with a particular issue, be patient, and listen carefully for the answer. 

"I've had some synchronicity happening around me lately. Is this a sign from my spirit guides?"

Our guides communicate with us through the mystery of synchronicity - whether that be a song on the radio, angel numbers, animals, opportunities, people we meet, etc. Read this blog post 7 Signs your Spirit Guides are Near if you feel they've been trying to grab your attention and for more information on how our Spirit Guides communicate with us! 

This is only the beginning of deepening your relationship with your Spirit Guides. How do your Spirit Guides communicate with you?

Stay tuned for next week where I will share 26 Questions to Ask your Spirit Guides!

xo Ariel