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It's Totally Okay to Not Know Your Soul's Purpose | Maven Mindset

The Ever Elusive Concept of Soul Purpose

One of the first questions that I can remember being asked that was both freeing and daunting at the same time was "What do you want to be when you grow up?". Whether your 3, 25, 40, or 76 that can often be a heavy question. My answer has changed as I've evolved as a human being and a soul - shaped by my life and my experiences.

As of late, I have been seeing a surplus of articles, videos, posts, books, etc. all about following your Soul Purpose. The idea can be so big that it can make you feel small and lost - forever searching for the elusive 'calling' we are encouraged to find. Most of these posts assume you've already found this or that the sooner you can find it, the sooner you can live it, the better. My perspective is a bit different. It is totally okay not to know!

Don't Know What your Soul's Purpose is? It's Totally Okay!

Not knowing your Soul's Purpose is a beautiful space and time to be in. It is one full of adventure, discovery, and trying new things! It is an exciting time in your journey full of magic and intrigue. The mystery is part of the fun! Find clues from your life experiences. Explore different passions and interests. It is a space where you can dream any dream - no restrictions! Be open to guidance from the Universe. Put your intention out there.

My Experience - Pieces of the Puzzle

Stumped on what your Soul's Purpose is? It is totally okay! Here is my experience and some tips to help you along in your journey of discovery.

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