Rabbit as a Spirit Animal | Animal Totems

Has Little Bunny Foo Foo come hopping through the forest and into your awareness? Sweet, loving, shy, and full of energy, Rabbit is an animal with much legend and lore surrounding it. Here is what it may mean if you have Rabbit as a Spirit Animal or Animal Totem.


Rabbit really embodies the energy of fertility, virility, sex drive, and growth. They are great to work with if you are looking to add a few branches to your family tree! Rabbit is about reproduction and expansion. They are known for their fertility as they can have several litters of kits (babies) a year and reproduce at an incredible rate. Rabbit comes to you to bring more fertile energy into your life, encourage you to plant new seeds, and to birth many new and auspicious opportunities.

Rebirth & Renewal

As Rabbit is most often seen in Spring, it's energy is associated with that of not only the season of Spring, but also one of new beginnings, fresh starts, and exciting energy! Coming alive again after being stagnant or dormant through the winter months. Expanding your awareness is part of the rebirth and renewal process! Looking at the world with fresh eyes and revitalized energy is Rabbit's specialty. If Rabbit comes across your path, you may be on the verge of a new outlook and beginning - especially if you have been experiencing difficulties or hardships as of late! Things may be starting to look up for you!

Fear & Bashfulness

Known for it's acute hearing and sensitivity, Rabbit reminds you to always be on your toes! Timid, jumpy, skittish, and shy, Rabbit is always aware of what is coming next or is in fear of the predator. Hyper-vigilance is key to Rabbit's survival. It must be ready to make a quick getaway if needed. Always ready, waiting, and watchful. Rabbit encourages you to be aware, alert, vigilant, and to have an exist strategy in the back of your pocket should any danger approach. Expect the unexpected! You may cower and run to your burrow for cover however, know that you do have to come out of your burrow sometime. You cannot live a full life when constantly plagued with worries and anxieties, for the greatest discoveries and your deepest courage are discovered when facing your fears. 


The gestation period for a baby rabbit is about 28 - 31 days which is very fast! Things may be picking up the pace for you in several areas of your life, so hold on! Move with the speed and agility of Rabbit. Rabbit comes to give you energy to carry on and keep hopping through life. Get ready to take a leap and make a move! You are being called to enter into a new, faster vibration and rhythm of living. Keep an eye out for some new developments in the next month or so. 


xo Ariel