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Taking the 'Me' Out of Mediumship

"Take the 'Me' out of Mediumship." The first time I heard this it blew my mind. It was actually when I was testing for my Psychic Medium certification in the Fall of 2016. The statement puzzled me at first. I knew it inherently however, this quick phrase solidified and validated what I already knew. It made me relax and gave me a peaceful confidence. I was getting too into my head from fear and nerves about my upcoming testing later that day. It was certainly a timely reminder - allowing the words to resonate, sink in, and take hold on a totally different level.

In Mediumship readings, you want to do well. To bring the loved one through. To make that connection to Spirit with amazingly accurate evidence. To please the client and connect with who they want to hear from. To do a good job for yourself. But I have learned from my teachers that this is Ego. At first I strived for those things, and now? Now it is about purely serving Spirit. Yes, I want to strive to be the best Medium I can be, but not for me - for the work of Spirit. They make it happen, not me. It is about serving Spirit and your sitter. It is not about you as the Medium.

When I feel nervous or pressured or intimidated before a reading, I put this at the forefront of my mind and it settles my anxiety. It helps me to step into my power as a servant of Spirit. It makes me feel strong. This is not about me. This is about serving a higher purpose. This is not about my success - it's about being a facet of someone's healing journey. To hold sacred space for someone. Selfless humble service. I love what I do - Mediumship brings me great joy! Every time I give a reading, I am astonished at the power, ingenuity, wise brilliance, and magic of Spirit. I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to learn more.


xo Ariel

What your Loved Ones in Spirit Want you to Know


In the writing of this blog post, I opened up to our loved one's on the Other Side and asked them what are the most prominent messages that they would like there loved one's on the Earth plane to know. This is what they told me...

We're not really dead

Although we may not share the same physical space in a physical body, does not mean we are dead and gone. Just because our bodies have gone back to the earth, our spirit, our soul lives on forever. This energy cannot be destroyed. It is just transformed. This may be hard to understand but please know that when you hear our favorite song on the radio, you remember a funny joke we told, or you feel a gentle touch on your shoulder, that we are there.

We still love you

Just because we are no longer living, does not mean that our love has disappeared as well. It will never fizzle. In fact, it is stronger than ever. We share in your joys and try to bring comfort to your pains. We watch your growth and we forgive your mistakes. We are your biggest cheerleaders! We are there through births, illnesses, new jobs, moving, marriages, divorces, graduations, and deaths. We support you through it all. The love we have for you is unconditional and everlasting.


Yes, when you talk to us, we can hear you

In those moments where you just wish for a message from us, for a sign, a hug, for some sound advice. When you talk with us before she walks down the aisle, when you hold your newborn child for the first time and say 'Oh mom, isn't she beautiful?' In those moments when you beg for mercy and comfort, and in desperation when you plead for strength. We hear you. We understand. When you think of us, when you call out our name, we are there. We do our best to help you and even send loving people your way to help guide you. Keep your eyes open for the blessings and help we send your way. Just be aware it may not come in the way that you expect it to.

Let go of unnecessary fear + You are protected

Oh darlings, let go of fear. It holds you back from all the beauty your life can hold. From who you were born to be and the life you were meant to live. If you could see all of the wonderful things that the future holds for you, you would dive right in! Fear of failure is unnecessary for we are always with you. Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith. The unknown is a scary place to be at times yes, but that is where strength that you did not know you possessed is able to create breakthroughs. It is where 'Aha!' moments are born.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Stop allowing it to paralyze you. You must face it in order to grow. Know that we are here loving and supporting you. You are never alone. We surround you in our loving protection always.


xo Ariel