holiday tarot spreads

🎄Holiday Cheer | 4 Tarot + Oracle Spreads

Here are some tarot spreads that I've designed to help us bring more Cheer into our spirit this holiday season. Watch the Holiday Spreads Video here for more details and to see these spread layouts in action!


🌰 The Big Breakthrough - Nutcracker Spread

This spread is great for busting through obstacles! (This one's my favorite!)

1. Chestnut - Challenge

2. Nutty Center - Heart of the Matter

3. Nutcracker - Use This to Crack the Challenge Wide Open

4. Open Fire - New Energy Coming In


The 3 Wise Men 🌟

This spread is designed to activate your inner Wise Man!

1. Gold - Find Strength in This

2. Frankincense - Cleanse + Purify This

3. Myrrh - Raising your Vibe + Finding your Truth

4. Star (Shadow Card) - Hope + Faith


🎅🏼 Santa's Little Helper

What can you do to make sure you end up on the nice list this year?

What can you to do:

1. Help Yourself

2. Help Your Community

3. Help Your Family + Friends

4. Gifts You Bring

5. Spread Cheer


Penguin's Paradise 🐧🌴

Have some areas of your life been on ice?

1. Iceberg - Where Are You Stuck + Stagnant?

2. Waddling on Ice - Where Are You Struggling?

3. Gliding Through Water - Where Are You Free Flowing?

4. Community - How Your Community Nurtures You


Have a Happy Card-Slinging Holiday!

xo Ariel