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How to Create a Gratitude Box | The Attitude of Gratitude | Maven Mindset


A Gratitude Box is a fantastic tangible reminder of all that you have to be grateful for, especially during times of loss, hardship, or when you just want to feel all the love and blessings you have around you! Creating a Gratitude Box is helps you to open your heart and deepen your sense of appreciation for your life. What do you have to be thankful for?

Here’s how you can make your own!


Find your Focal Point

- Where do you want your gratitude to be focused? What are you grateful for? A new job? New baby? Your marriage? An achievement? Your family? Abundance? A loved one lost? Use an item as representation of this. I love to use oracle cards for this purpose!


- What kind of box do you wish to use? Wooden? Plastic? An antique jewelry box?  Family heirloom? You can even a use a shoebox!

Cleanse + Clear

- Your box, as well as anything you put in it, should be cleared and cleansed of any negative, muddy, stagnant, or unwanted energy. You want the energy to be fresh, pure, and clear for your show of thanks!

Decorate it

- Show it some love! Put YOU into it.


What Can You Put Inside Your Box?


Crystal Suggestions

- You can work with rose quartz, green aventurine, clear quartz, garnet, scocelite, or any crystal that fits your reason for gratefulness.

Memorabilia/Special Mementos

- Photos, family photo of loved one who’s passed, a representation of your hard work like a diploma or certificate, your fur babies’ collar/tag if they brought you so much love and comfort, baby booties, something special from your wedding day. Use whatever is special to you and is a reason of gratitude!

A $10 Bill

- A reminder that you are always abundant

A Sacred Item

- Like a rosary, a medallion, mala beads, or a figurine of deity/spirit animal


- Write these as inspiration and motivation for future moments where you may be feeling lack, fear, doubt, anger, or depression


- Include a special birthday, congratulations, tarot, or oracle card. You can even include a significant handwritten letter someone sent to you

Write a List

- Write about all of the things you're currently grateful for to help you remember why you're grateful - a date (wedding/graduation date), a certain situation, a gift, your health, family, your bed, your education, peace, harmony, your spouse, your career, etc.

Check out this video, where I create my own Gratitude Box, for more inspiration!


Stay Grateful & Happy Creating!

xo Ariel