Lunar eclipse

Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo | Mini Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

This is a time of activation - fiery and passionate! It’s a spark, an ignition. An explosion of creative possibility. A time of powerful and yet, unpredictable magick. Take advantage of this energy but be sure to work with caution. You don’t want your cauldron to bubble over and blow up in your face! Here are some cards to help you determine where should you be putting your magickal focus this Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo according to your zodiac sign. Don’t forget to read for your moon and rising signs as well!

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Featuring cards from The Magick And Mediums Oracle by Anielle Reid. You can find a link to my unboxing of this incredible deck here:

Aries | Taboo

It’s time to get a little kinky. Take a risk and embrace the things that you may feel are a little bit out there, even for you daring Aries! Sex magick seems like it may be an optimal place to start. Be fearless and ferocious!

Taurus | Guardian

Whom do you wish to protect, to shelter? Focusing your magick on that which you wish to keep safe this year whether that be your finances, career, home, or family may be to your advantage this eclipse sweet and grounded Taurus.

Gemini | Rest

Allow your mind to cool it this eclipse and take a break. Instead of repeating words of affirmation or chanting mantras, this eclipse is encouraging you to take a breather. If you feel you have no choice but to work some magick with this eclipse, perhaps choose workings that use visualization instead of verbalization.

Cancer | Abundance

Kitchen witchery relating to works of abundance will be to your advantage with this eclipse. Work with different foods and herbs to symbolize wealth or to invite in an increase of monetary energy. What kind of prosperous longevity to you wish to manifest?

Leo | Release

This is the ultimate time for you to release and let go Leo! Let the tears flow if its needed. Do not be ashamed of them. Let go of your pride and ego. Open your heart. Cleanse and purge your energy to create space for the new.

Virgo | Believe

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Let go of the need for everything to be perfect Virgo. If you don’t believe in yourself or the best possible outcome of the working you’re performing, what are the chances of it actually coming to fruition?

Libra | Healing

Get your energy healing on this eclipse! Have a healing session done for yourself. Perform workings focused on physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing. Get out your healing tools - sage, palo, drums, singing bowls, reiki symbols, crystals and all!

Scorpio | Glamour Magick

What qualities do you wish to highlight in yourself via your attitude, the way you dress, how you speak or carry yourself? Now is the time for a little method acting magick. A bit of fake it til you make it. Act like you already have all your heart desires this eclipse.

Sagittarius | Persuasion

You have the power of magnetic persuasion with this eclipse. An undeniable, hypnotic energy surrounds you and your workings. Be sure to keep this energy in check by asking yourself is this really for your best and highest good without harming those around you.

Capricorn | Learn

What have you learned, what wisdom have you gained since this series of eclipses began back in 2016? Uncover those lessons with this moon. Focus your magick and what you wish to learn in the next cycle. Take up a new spiritual course of study, work with what you’ve learned to use magickally, and consult with your ancestors.

Aquarius | Nature

Work with natural elements in your magick this eclipse. What gifts has nature given to you - holly berries, acorns, leaves, rain water? You can even perform your magick outdoors. Incorporate these elements into your practice for optimal results.

Pisces | Conjure

Conjure Queen you are Pisces. Are you unsure of which direction to take next in your magick or in your life? Perhaps a trip to the crossroads can help you find the clarity you seek. Ask for your ancestors guidance with any thing you wish to conjure up with this eclipse. Sigils may prove helpful as well.

Xo Ariel