Light Is the New Black

Work Your Light Oracle Cards Unboxing, Deck Review, & Interview

The Work Your Light Oracle Cards are the latest creation from author Rebecca Campbell and artist Danielle Noel, brought to us by Hay House. You probably know Rebecca Campbell from her books "Light Is the New Black" and "Rise Sister Rise." Danielle Noel is the magical mind behind the gorgeous Starchild Tarot, Starchild Tarot Akashic, and Moonchild Tarot. This 44 card deck works with five suits to help you best work your light: 

  • Confirmation Cards
  • Inquiry Cards
  • Action Cards
  • Activation Cards
  • Transmission Cards



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I love the box the deck comes in. It is of typical Hay House size and style. The feel of it though! It has a matte finish that is as soft as satin. The box itself is sturdy. You can definitely keep your deck in it without worry of it being damaged. The soft, pale, whimsical coloring of the box only teases as to the wonders inside of it! As far as the guidebook goes, it breaks down how to work with the five suits, how to attune your deck, tips on how to open sacred soul space, spreads, and the card meanings. It gives some great information on symbolism, energies, and mythical places that you may be unfamiliar with in the deck. The wording also has a vibe that radiates loving and empowering guidance. 


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The cards themselves feel as lush as the box! If you are familiar with any of Danielle's decks, the feel is very similar to that. Velvety, smooth, and seductive to say the least. As card reading is a very tactile thing, I appreciate a good satin matte finish. The backs are also in keeping with Danielle's trademark style of work. The roses and colors make it feel dreamy! It is soft, feminine, and geometrically striking all at the same time. 


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I appreciate the addition of confirmation cards. There are four in the deck. I find that this can be particularly useful when you're really stumped on something or are looking to give yourself permission or validation.




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Thank you!

I was quite pleased to see a few women of color included in this deck. Each of these women is gorgeous and powerfully ancient in her own way. I especially love the "Priestess" card. It screams black girl magic! They all do really. You can see it in their stances and facial expressions. 


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Hey Starseed! What is the place you call home? I was excited to see "Lemuria" and "Pleiades" included however, I was even more surprised to see "Mintakan" which is a place I'd never heard of before. Now it's got me curious and hungry for more knowledge about this beautiful land that has been lost to the ages. I can definitely sense Danielle's influence in the creation of these particular cards. 




There's levels to this - seriously. If you're looking for a raise in vibration and connecting to spirit, this group of cards may be of help to get you going! I think these (along with the cards that contain women of color) are my favorite in the whole deck! The concepts of which are very important to and hold deep meaning for me.

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I love using this Deck Interview Tarot Spread by Beth Maiden of Little Red Tarot. You can read her original blog post here

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1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?

Transformation - This deck is about ascension and deep healing on a DNA level of frequency. By connecting to it's high vibrational frequency, it will allow me to change my awareness. If I am looking to create alchemy within and shift my energy, then this is the deck I should work with.  

2. What are your strengths as a deck?

Fill Up Your Well - When I am feeling drained, tired, and worn, this deck will be an elixir for my soul. It will fill my cup with love. This deck is like a retreat from the world, a drink of fresh water, to refuel the spirit. 

3. What are your limits as a deck?

Play - This deck is going to give it to me straight. It takes healing and development very seriously and doesn't play around. Which is great for me because neither do I! If I want the truth straight with no chaser, all I have to do is pick a card, any card. This deck is for serious inquiries for healing, growth, and ascension.

4. What are you here to teach me?

Boundaries - For me personally, I feel like this deck is one that will teach me when and how to say no. It will help me to determine what is in my best interest and where I need to set boundaries for self-preservation. 

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?

Yes - Just do it! LOL

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Mintakan - Working with this deck will be a welcome back home for me. A reunion of soul. A remembering from the deepest corners of my heart. She says to me, "This is where you belong Lightworker." 



The Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel is beautiful, soft, graceful, magical, and honors the divine feminine so beautifully. It honors the lightworker and the starseed, the priestess and the initiate. I can't wait to use this in my practice, especially for my monthly Lightworker Evolution Readings over on the Maven Unmasked YouTube Channel

Watch the full unboxing here: 


Happy Shuffling,

xo ariel