102 Journal Prompts for the Lightworker in You

102 Journal Prompts for the Lightworker in You

Hey there Lightworker, Empath, Starseed, and Timeless Soul! I have created these 102 Journal Prompts for the Lightworker in You. So sharpen your pencil, pull out your notebook, and take a look inside yourself. 

  1. Where does my soul need to feel liberated?
  2. What do I need to forgive in myself?
  3. Whom do I need to forgive?
  4. Where am I holding onto guilt, anger, or resentment in my life?
  5. Where do I feel this guilt, anger, or resentment in my body?
  6. In what instances in my life have I had to learn about "surrender"?
  7. What are my favorite essential oils?
  8. What music lifts my spirits and raises my vibration?
  9. What are my 'go to' crystals and stones?
  10. If I were a crystal, which one would I be and why?
  11. Where in the world do I believe is my soul home?
  12. Am I more aligned with the energy of the Sun or Moon? Why?
  13. What is my favorite moon phase? Why?
  14. Who is my favorite male deity? Why?
  15. Who is my favorite female deity? Why?
  16. What is my favorite healing modality?
  17. What are my thoughts on reiki and other forms of energy healing?
  18. What Archangel do I work with most?
  19. What chakra do I need the most work with?
  20. What is my favorite and least favorite chakra? Why?
  21. Write your own prayer of protection
  22. What kind of landscape relaxes me most and why?
  23. How do you resonate with your zodiac sign?
  24. Think of a time you manifested something awesome! Write about it.
  25. When was the last time you went out of your way to help someone and why did you do it?
  26. Where would you like to volunteer in your spare time?
  27. Write yourself a love letter!
  28. What area of spiritual study would I like to explore more?
  29. What would you like to manifest in the next 30 days?
  30. Think about an item or person that was really hard for you to let go of. Write about why it was so difficult and then about how you felt after you let it go.
  31. How do you experience the exchange of energy in your life?
  32. Think of someone who you don't resonate with for whatever reason. Write about at least one good quality this person has.
  33. What do you have a hard time sharing with the world? Why?
  34. How connected do you feel with others?
  35. What cycles or negative habits do you wish to break?
  36. What are some positive habits you would like to start?
  37. Do you feel that your voice is heard? Why or why not?
  38. Do I overshare? With whom? Why?
  39. Where and when do I see my ego pop into my life?
  40. What lessons in my life have I had to learn repeatedly?
  41. Where should I listen more?
  42. How can I show my gratitude and appreciation for a loved one in a new way?
  43. Take a day where you go out of your way to help everyone you encounter. Write about your experience.
  44. Live a day as your favorite Spirit Animal. Walk with the pride of lion or flutter lightly like the butterfly. Write about your experience.
  45. What masks do you wear everyday? Name them. Write about why you would wear each one.
  46. What causes or charities are most important to you? Why?
  47. How have your values changed over time?
  48. What would the current you tell the you 5 years ago about your journey?
  49. What, if any, supernatural or angelic experiences have you had? How did they make you feel? What did you learn?
  50. What do you think you divine life purpose is? Why?
  51. What does your inner child need from you most?
  52. Draw your emotions. What does your picture say?
  53. What is your favorite quality about yourself?
  54. What are your beliefs on honesty and integrity?
  55. What are your beliefs on trust?
  56. What are your beliefs on unconditional love?
  57. What are your beliefs about the law of attraction?
  58. What are your beliefs about equality?
  59. What are your beliefs about the afterlife?
  60. Do you believe afterlife communication is possible? Why or why not?
  61. What do you think about the relationship between sexuality and spiritual energy?
  62. How can you connect more with the natural world around you?
  63. What do you think your favorite color says about you mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically?
  64. What do you currently need mentally?
  65. What do you currently need spriritually?
  66. What do you currently need emotionally?
  67. What do you currently need physically?
  68. What are your beliefs surrounding abundance and money?
  69. What beliefs would you like to let go of surrounding abundance and money?
  70. Where do I need to show more appreciation and gratitude? How can I accomplish this?
  71. What is your ideal career? Why would you choose this?
  72. What does it mean to 'be humble'?
  73. Where am I jealous or envious in my life? How does this hold me back?
  74. What do I need to say, that I feel like I can't? Write about it.
  75. Where in my life do I find the most joy?
  76. What am I constantly seeking? Why?
  77. Rank these in order of importance and then write about why you chose the order: wisdom, happiness, love, money, success, intuition, spirituality, family & friends, service, knowledge, power
  78. Who is the most influential person in my life? Why?
  79. Where do I want to make a difference in the world? Why?
  80. What can I do today, to make a better tomorrow for someone else?
  81. Do I give too much, but have trouble receiving? Why?
  82. What time era of the past do I most resonate with? Why?
  83. What is your one wish for the world?
  84. Where in my life do I need to show more flexibility?
  85. Where do I feel out of alignment?
  86. What are some of the signs and symbols the Universe has given to me throughout my life?
  87. If I could live my life as a tarot card, which one would I pick and why?
  88. What does the way you give and show love say about you?
  89. Do you think you have met one of your soul mates yet? Who do you think it is? Why?
  90. Write a list of all the things you would like to bring into your future, and not just material items - include emotions and people too!
  91. For 24 hours, focus on the way you think. Pay close attention. Analyze it. What did you learn? What would you like to change?
  92. Where in my life can I take an extra 10 minutes to focus on my spiritual growth and development?
  93. What is the most important lesson I've learned in my spiritual growth and development?
  94. Write down 3 things that you would like to experience this year. Begin planning!
  95. Where do I need to have more patience? 
  96. What does my impatience teach me?
  97. What legacy would I like to leave behind?
  98. How does what I eat affect my mood?
  99. What gifts has meditation and being present in the moment brought to me?
  100. What tools work best for me in calming any anxiety, anger, or sadness I experience?
  101. How often do I communicate with my angels, guides, ancestors, and loved ones in Spirit?
  102. What message has Spirit been sending to me that I have been ignoring? Why?

Happy journaling Lightworker!

xo Ariel

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