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The Sexual Energy of Creativity & Inspiration

Ace of Wands - Lumina Tarot (Inner Hue, 2015)

Ace of Wands - Lumina Tarot (Inner Hue, 2015)

This is the spark of magic. The light of creation. The 'Aha!' moment. The lightbulb goes off. The camera flashes. The power all lies within your hand. It all starts with that tingle up your spine. The burning desire to take unbridled action and pursue your desire at full force. The beginning of the journey of uncovering a new muse. 

A strike of a match is but a moment. An instant. A brief feeling of gratification. New life begins through a single burst of sexual energy. This IS the energy of creation - of life, beginnings, and inspired action in its purest form.

Build up that energy. You may even have to generate some friction to warm things up a bit and create the spark. Ignite your life and your passion! A new creative endeavor can benefit from the untamed fiery nature of the Ace of Wands. Filled with sexual energy and compulsiveness, this fuels your inner drive.

Uncontrollable. Undeniable. Unshakeable. Fresh. Wild. Untainted. The first signs of infatuation and curiosity are a fire burning in your belly - yearning and lusting for more. You cannot wait another second, not one instant. Your soul feels that it is now or never. It burns, nags, pulls, and screams at you yelling, "Now! Now! Now!" The solar plexus and sacral chakras are where this energy resides, where it breathes, and grows. 

Do you tame the open flame or do you let it spread like wildfire? Do you let the ashes of creativity spread throughout your life - into every nook, cranny, and crevice? Strike a match of inspiration! Take the initiative. Light the fire. The only challenge is to not drive yourself into burnout from tireless desire. Breathe as the fire to keep your passion, your drive, your creativity and inspiration burning for all of time.  

xo Ariel

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