7 Steps to a Kick-Ass Sacred Space

Ready to take your sacred space creation up a notch? Want to incorporate more of your personality into your sacred space? Have you become bored with your current altar setup?

Here are 7 Steps to a Kick-Ass Sacred Space! 

7 Steps to a Kick-Ass Sacred Space Maven Unmasked
  1. If you're considering having an altar, what kind would you have? What is your purpose for creating one? Here are some themes to help you get started: psychopomp work, connecting with Spirit, Source, or deity, for prayers and mantras, ancestral, wealth/success, love, career, gratitude, fertility, psychic ability, health/healing, inner child/shadow work, protection, serenity/peace, seasonal/Wheel of the Year?
  2. Consider how you want to feel at your altar. Powerful? Confident? Strong? Free? Wild? Primal? Loving? Nurturing? Mystical? Witchy? Sexy? What can you do to help enhance this vibe in your sacred space? Do you need to switch things around a bit?
  3. Create the ambiance! Incense, music, and candles to help set the mood. 
  4. Work with nature elements! Seashells, acorns, flowers, leaves, stones, crystals. Open a window to let in sunlight or moonlight, as well as fresh air
  5. Color and texture - will you be working with the sun or the moon? What colors do you like or represent the theme of your altar? Doing shadow work? You may want to use darker colors like dark blues, black, and burgundy in rich textures like velvet. Looking for energy? Use bright sunny colors of oranges, reds, and yellows in light airy fabrics and linens. 
  6. Bits and bobbles - what special items would you use? Crystals, photos, journal entries, letters, money or coins, a special piece of jewelry or a lucky talisman?
  7. Make it your own - it doesn't have to look like anyone else's but yours. It doesn't have to be big and elaborate, nor does it have to look straight out of a magazine, designed by a professional, or like it cost hundreds of dollars. Use what you have! 

*Bonus tip! Keep the energy of the space clear and flowing. Smudge regularly. Have a bowl of water at your altar space to keep the energy moving. Don't forget to change it every few days or so. 

Things to consider when creating your sacred space:

  1. Do you want it to be private or do you not care who sees/inquires about it? 
  2. Do you wants aspects of it to be portable? 
  3. Will your altar setup be temporary or long term? 
  4. Do you have young children or animals in the home who you don't want messing around with it? 
  5. Invite your angels, guides, ancestors, and loved ones in spirit in when creating your altar space. They will spend time here with you, so create it together in sacred union.

Want to see more of my sacred spaces? Here is a video for you :)

xo Ariel

Releasing the Remnants Ritual

This is a mini ritual that would be a follow up to a larger or more in depth releasing ritual and healing. This is about the remnants of releasing. What is left behind - the scars, the burns, the imprints on your energy that remain after traumatic events, difficult circumstances, heartbreak, trying relationships, etc. Even though you may have released this and let it go, every now and again it comes back up and you still have yet more releasing to do. This ritual, given to me by my spirit guides, is symbolic for releasing those energetic imprints. It's very simple, but you can make it as intricate or elaborate as you wish. Don't be afraid to add your own magical flair if you feel called. Watch the YouTube Video that goes along with this working for a more in depth explanation.

Tools - pencil, eraser, paper, a lighter or candle

Set the mood if you like. Call in your spirit team. You can incorporate lunar energy, candlelight, crystals, incense, music - you name it. Whatever gets you in the mood.

What have you released over and over, but you still feel a part of it is holding onto your spirit? Nagging and tugging. That just won't let go? Write this on your paper in pencil. Press hard enough as you write so that your writing will bleed through the paper, leaving an imprint. Allow any remaining feelings about this situation (anger, hurt, jealousy, sadness, etc.) to come back up as you're writing.

Once you've finished writing, begin to lightly erase your pencil marks. Feel free to use a releasing affirmation as you go through each one. You should see the remnants or impression of your handwriting still left upon the paper. The energetic imprint of these instances.

Take your lighter or candle and burn your paper, thereby releasing the remnants of these energetic strongholds. Give gratitude to your angels and guides for helping you with this working.

xo Ariel