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The WHY of What I Do

As I reflect…

What masks have you been wearing this year? 2018 has been a hard year for me personally. Challenging doesn’t even begin to describe it. On the eve of my Saturn return and some major changes in my life, I have begun to question so much. What no longer feels good to me and my spirit? Who no longer resonates with me even though we shared so much or began this journey together? Am I participating out of love and enthusiasm or out of pride and obligation? Has comparison suffocated the joy in my heart? Has compassion fatigue overwhelmed my sense of empathy?

All of these thoughts have been running through my head this year. Anger, guilt, and resentment have been present as well. The apathy of the Four of Cups has lingered in my aura all year long. Old demons from my past, the ghosts of who I once was, have been whispering to me with a twisted sense of nostalgia and the sadness of knowing that things will never be the same. As I grow and change so too does the world around me. Nothing stands still. What is there left for me to hold on to?

I have been silent for a few months, retreating into hermitage and battling back and forth with depression. My soul, my spirit,  has needed rest in order to come back to my why. What is my reason, my soul’s purpose in this work? Love and light isn’t always the answer my friends. Some deep shadow work has called to me so that I can see myself for who I am and not who the world wants me to be. How can I find more peace within?

On the eve of a new year, a fresh start, a new beginning, my desire is to focus on my why. What is my purpose behind every step I take? What is most important to me? How can I stay authentically true to myself?

Here is my soul’s response to me when I ask her why it is that I do what I do. 

  • For Healing

  • For Hope

  • For Darkness

  • For Freedom from Depression

  • For Love

  • For the Knowledge that You can Overcome Anything

  • For Strength

  • For Encouragement

  • For Faith

  • For Growth

Because I've been lost and alone too…

Because I've been through hardship - trauma, abuse, and addiction…

Because I want to help others help themselves in order to free their spirits, just like how Spirit helped me to find the courage to free my own.

Because I am called to help others hear the voice of Spirit and that of their own souls.

I choose to do this work because of the calling in my own soul that wants to let others know that they don't have to stay stuck, or be a victim, or continue to feel marginalized, alone, and out of touch.

I do this to let others know that prayer works and intuition is real. Magick is real. Spirit, God, the Universe, the angels, your spirit guides, your soul, your higher self all hear you - even when it seems like no one is listening. Even when it feels like your outcry is futile.

Do not give in or hold on to the darkness my loves. Do not let your light go out, but let it shine through you - even if it has yet to fully reach your eyes.

I do this to let you know that you are loved. To hold the same sacred space that was held for me when I couldn’t hold it for myself.

I'm not a psychologist or a doctor. Just an intuitive woman who has been through some shit that has a love of spirituality, tarot, and mediumship. These are the channels I have found to impart love and healing upon the world. I have always been called to do it from my soul and this is how Spirit chose it to manifest.


Don't regret your past or your darkness. They are gifts. Learn from them. Grow from them. Stay humble and don't forget who you were and how these experiences are molding you into the person you’re becoming. Just know you don't have to continue to be that person anymore - lost, alone, and struggling in the dark. You are not that person any longer although they will forever be a part of you.

Grieve for them and their losses and move on. Grieve the remnants of yourself that have been left out on the streets, buried underneath yourself or someone else. Suffocated by guilt from past actions. Grieve what you feel has been stolen from you through yourself or other means. Ask for those parts of yourself to find peace and healing.

If it weren't for my past losses and grief, I wouldn't be the resilient and loving woman I am today. I wouldn't be doing this work. It probably wouldn't even be on my radar. I wouldn't be able to go to the deep dark trenches with my clients. I wouldn't know how to hold that space for them. I honor and give thanks to my former self. I love her and she loves me too. She's happy we made it out alive, to be here, to share the gifts of Spirit and unconditional love.

Now ask yourself my loves, what is your why?

xo Ariel

How and Why I Use Oracle Cards

Are you new to oracle cards and are looking for ways to incorporate them into your practice? Maybe you're a more experienced practitioner who wants to jazz up their divining routine? Whether you're a divination newbie or a card slinging pro, I see oracle cards as an inspirational message. They can add love, zest, or the final "a-ha!" to any reading. Here are some ways how and why I use oracle cards in my readings. 


(A few oracle decks from my collection   )

(A few oracle decks from my collection )


A word of advice from Spirit

When you just need that one word of confirmation or reassurance, pull out your oracle deck! Sometimes, when I am struggling with something in my personal life or am looking for guidance on my spiritual journey, I will call in my spirit guides, grab an oracle deck, and ask them, "What is it that I need to know most right now?". Oracle cards are a great way to cut through the muck and mire your mind becomes when you're upset. They can help you to see more clearly and bring you back to the present moment when you've become blinded by emotion. 

Deck: Chakra Reading Cards (Rockpool Publishing, 2016)

Deck: Chakra Reading Cards (Rockpool Publishing, 2016)


To connect with Deity or Animal Spirits

Deck: Animal Kin Oracle Cards by The Fifth Element Life (Sarah Wilder) 

Deck: Animal Kin Oracle Cards by The Fifth Element Life (Sarah Wilder) 

There is an abundance of decks out today with varying themes from fairies and crystals to food and astrology. Use a deck with a theme you are attracted to! This can help you to learn more about your interest as well as builds a deeper connection and bond to your cards. If using an oracle deck to connect with deity or animal spirits, take time to build a relationship with the god/goddess or animal you draw.  


In the same way I use tarot! 

Yup, you can use oracle cards in the same way you use tarot or any other type of psychic reading. Full spreads, meditations, manifesting, and all! I also use them in combination with tarot cards for a double layered reading. Can you say tasty?


As an affirmation to continue to work with after the reading is over.

There are some great affirmation decks out there that you can use to empower yourself or your client after the reading. These types of decks are great for motivation, empowerment, confidence, and self-care for you and your client alike. They can also provide great validation at the end of a reading for what you or your client may want to continue working on after the reading is over.  

Deck: Sacred Power Reading Cards by Anna Stark (Rockpool Publishing, 2017)

Deck: Sacred Power Reading Cards by Anna Stark (Rockpool Publishing, 2017)


To clarify a tarot card

Sometimes when performing a Tarot Reading I can get stumped. Yes, even the pros have to take a step back and look at the situation from a different vantage point in the reading every now and again! Not all readings are cut and dry. Oracle cards are a great way to clarify when tarot is playing hard to get. They can get to the crux or overall energy very quickly when you feel at a loss or there are too many tricky court cards at play.  

Deck: Chakra Reading Cards (Rockpool Publishing, 2016)

Deck: Chakra Reading Cards (Rockpool Publishing, 2016)


A final word or way to tie it all together  

An oracle card is a fantastic tool to help sum up a reading. It is the conclusion. The period at the end of a sentence. Oracle cards can also help you to see cohesive themes in your readings that you might have otherwise missed. They are also a great confirmation to points you've previously iterated to your sitter or querent.   


Ready to grab a deck of your own and sling some cards?  

Here are my Top Oracle Decks for Beginners

Happy Shuffling!

xo Ariel  

Get in the Zen Zone! Meditation Motivation Tips for Beginners

My purpose for writing this blog post is to aid those who are struggling to find motivation for their meditation practice, as well as to provide tips for beginners on their own unique and personal journey with the self-discovery practice and discipline that is meditation. As a newbie to meditation, you may have preconceived notions as to what you are "supposed to" experience, what meditation exactly is, or even "the right way" to meditate. These are some of my favorite tips  and personal guidance that I myself use in my practice to help you get in the zen zone! 

Define your purpose for meditating! Seriously, ask yourself why you are doing this. Having a clear purpose on why you are choosing to begin a journey with meditation can better aid you in finding motivation to begin (or continue) your practice. 

Set the intention prior to meditating. "Today, I am meditating to..." Are you meditating to clear your mind? Clear your energy? Connect with Spirit or your Higher Self? Calm your anxiety? This gives you something to come back to should your mind begin to wander.


Use crystals to focus and calm your energy. You can even rub on them to keep your left brain busy while your right brain opens for meditation. Stones like clear quartz and amethyst are great for meditation purposes! Whether your meditation is focusing on a particular situation or issue like chakra balancing, seeking guidance and wisdom from Spirit or just to calm the mind, there is a stone for that! Try to find a stone that has energetic properties to help facilitate the type of meditative session you are engaging in. 

Ambiance can make all the difference. Set the mood if you think it may help! Light some incense or candles. Put on soothing relaxation music. Turn off the lights. If possible, meditate in a room that is not a main focal point in your home. For example, if possible try not to meditate in your office as the energy of that space may impact your meditation. Since you are used to being in "working mode" in this space, it may be harder for you to settle your energy here for the purposes of meditation.


Use guided meditations. This was of great help to me! Go on an adventure of the mind. It is still hard for me to sit in the silence sometimes even after 4 years of meditating. My mind is very active, imaginative, and exploratory. Guided meditations definitely support this! I absolutely love guided meditations - so much so that I have actually written some myself and love guiding others on meditative journeys through classes I teach or online (YouTube). Here are a few I've done thus far...

Start with 5 minutes a day. That's all you need to get started. Each week build upon that 5 minutes. At this rate, you will be able to sit for 20 minutes in a month! Also, try to take note or keep a journal of how you feel before you meditate in comparison to how you feel after your session. You may have some incredible insights!

meditation time fantasy-2879946__480.jpg

Don't stress it! Don't be hard on yourself. This is probably the best advice I can give. Meditation takes time, practice, and effort. Don't compare your journey to someone else's. Just because someone may sit longer than you or "saw something" during meditation doesn't mean they are more skilled or are having a more fulfilling experience. Be patient with yourself and don't give up. 

The Infamous Monkey Mind - Let it come and go! Know that meditation isn't necessarily having no thoughts. This was a huge misconception for me in the beginning. I worried about whether I was doing it right or wrong. I thought if I was seeing images or having thoughts that I was meditating incorrectly. Truly, meditating for me has been about training my brain to come back to center, back to focus, back to peace when my mind goes rogue. Let the thought come and float away as if on the breeze. By pushing away the thought instead of acknowledging it and letting it go, you are actually more inclined to come back to it over and over again during the session. 

meditation mala woman-3065533_1280.jpg

If you have trouble focusing or need to be engaged, try an active form of meditation like yoga, saying affirmations with mala or prayer beads, or focusing on the breath.

Take a class! Sometimes having the support of others, as well as a supportive environment and teacher, makes a huge difference when it comes to a meditative practice. Taking a class can help you to build a sense of community with like minded individuals and can also help to keep you motivated to continue the practice. If classes aren't your thing, find a friend that wants to begin a meditative journey of their own and team up to support, encourage, and motivate each other!


Give it a try outside! Fresh air does the body and mind good. Go to a scenic park, lake, beach, valley, or forest to help clear the mind and refresh the spirit. This will also aid in lessening distractions by being in a neutral environment. 

Drink a cup of tea or some water first to help calm your mind and refresh your energy. You can even smudge yourself and/or your space to help clear the energy and create a healing environment. 

Try meditating when you first wake up in the morning - before you even get out of bed! Your mind may be clearer in the morning thus making it easier for your consciousness to shift into a meditative state. 

meditation smoke-3110679_1280.jpg

You may see weird things at first like a random banana that floats by or just the color yellow and nothing else - yes this has happened to me lol. You may just see flashes of light. It's okay! Acknowledge it. Yes, it could just be your mind doing it's thing however, it may be your subconscious or Spirit (wink) trying to get a message through to you. I have had some pretty amazing insights and visuals that come through in meditation. Some of my most powerful healing messages from Spirit have come through weird things I've seen or heard in meditation. If this happens for you, be sure to say thank you! It certainly is magical when it happens. 

How do you best get your zen on? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Happy Meditating,

xo Ariel

Top Ways to Recharge your Mind, Body, & Spirit When you Need an Energetic Boost


Have you been feeling energetically drained as of late? You want to spice things up and get back to feeling like you again, but don't know where to start? Here are some of my favorite ways to recharge your mind, body, and spirit when you need an energetic boost! Pick a few that work for you! 



Make yourself a cup of tea and read a book. Do a Google search for inspirational quotes. Look for words that make you feel empowered! Write down a few of your faves and keep them handy.

Go for a hike or for some fresh air. Spend a day or weekend away if possible. You can even find a beautiful place to just sit and observe nature. Bring your journal with you if you wish.

Have a good cry. Making time for emotional release can actually make you more productive.

girl 3-2837845__480.jpg

Take a break from the news and social media. Sometimes it can all be too much and quite overwhelming when you're dealing with your own "stuff". Opinions, naysayers, jealousy, and comparison can run abundant in these forums. Spending a lot of time online or watching the news can lead to energy drain. It's okay to unplug for a while. 

Say “No.” You don’t always have to try to be everything to everyone or stretch yourself too thin. It’s okay to set boundaries for self-preservation.

Have some alone time to recharge, but don't isolate yourself. Spend time alone to go within. Seek understanding and wisdom, but don't forget to come back to the world.

Watch an uplifting movie or a comedy. Who or what makes you smile? Cute cat videos, baby goats in pj's, comedic sketches, funny movies? Get reacquainted with your funny bone!



Sleep. Catch up on your z’s. When you’re working determinedly on a project you may not be getting enough sleep or think you don’t have enough time to get ample rest. Listen to your body. If you feel like you need extra rest, do it - take a nap. 

Fuel your body properly and eat less processed food. Incorporating citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, or limes and drinking plenty of fresh water can help you to feel rejuvenated as they aid in flushing toxins from your body.

girl 4-2837840__480.jpg

Connect with your sexual energy. Seriously, kundalini energy, sex energy is powerful stuff. Sexual energy is creative energy. Having sex can also help to release pent up anger and tension.

Listen to music. Pump up the jam! Pull out your headphones and turn up your feel good tunes! Feeling extra daring? Dance around the house naked - when no one's home of course. 

Get a massage or an acupuncture treatment! Having a massage therapist work out the muscle tension in your body or an acupuncturist work with the meridians in your body can help to alleviate pain.

Do something light and fun with friends or family! Be around people you love and who love you unconditionally. Be with those who make you feel safe. Who are your security blanket people? I can't say this however, without saying be aware of any co-depency issues with these people in your life. Have boundaries with those who drain your energy.  



Get out your crystal companions! Stones like lepidolite, aquamarine, and lithium quartz help to alleviate anxiety and stress while stones like carnelian, citrine, sunstone, or bloodstone help to give you a boost of positive fiery energy.

Connect to the element of fire! The suit of wands in tarot is tied to this element and all it entails from action, drive, and passion to perseverance through hardship, competition with others, and regeneration. Working with fire can add some zesty inspiration to your energy. 

girl 2-2837835_1280.jpg

Balance your chakras. Pay attention to your lower chakras as these are the chakras strongly related to our physical form and energy. We draw up energy from the earth to support these energy centers. Don't forget to clear your aura and protect your energy while you're at it!

Meditate and connect with your Spirit peeps! Your spirit guides can give you insight into where your energy is being zapped and how to take your power back. 

Book a healing or reiki session. Healing sessions can be amazing experiences! A good practitioner can help you to clear away energetic gunk and recharge your battery. Find a trusted healer in your area.

Check the stars and see what's going on astrologically. Get a tarot reading. You may find clues as to why you're feeling energetically sluggish here!


I hope this post has helped to give you some ideas as to how you can recharge your mind, body, and spirit when feeling stressed, depressed, or low energy. What are some of your favorite ways to give your energy a boost? 

xo Ariel


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Raising Your Vibration - What Is It & How To Do It!

What is a raise in vibration?


A raise in vibration is a raise in awareness and energy that elevates your connection to Spirit. I do believe this is facilitated by the expansion of the aura and the opening of the crown chakra. The physical body is dense. Spirit energy vibrates at a much faster and higher rate than ours. The higher the vibration, the more pure the vibration. 

In terms of a hierarchy of vibrational energy from lowest to most high, here is my understanding: 

1. Humans

2. Loved Ones in Spirit/Ancestors

3. Spirit Guides/Saints

4. Angels

5. Ascended Masters

6. Deity

7. The All - The Universe  

How does it feel to raise your energetic vibration? What may you experience?


For me, I experience happiness, joy, a lightness of being. My mind is free and clear. I get the tingles and my awareness of Spirit and energy is heightened. The world has a different glow to it. My body temperature rises and yes, I may begin to sweat. I speak faster as my mind begins to shift to an altered state. I feel uplifted and closer to Spirit. It is easier to communicate with your guides and spirit as well as raises your energy when your vibration is elevated.

A word of advice: Like any energetic attunement, a raise in vibration is like a breath of fresh air. An energetic high from which you don't want to come down. When doing readings all day in that high vibrational energy, it can be intoxicating. You may want to stay there forever. This however, can be dangerous. It may take a while for your body to assimilate your raise in vibration.

As you experience this energetic shift, you may not feel your best. You're shedding old thoughts, patterns, beliefs, ways of being. You're cutting cords to people, places, and things that no longer serve you. Your body may begin to purge itself of toxins.

Stay hydrated. Stay grounded. Stay shielded and protected energetically as when you raise your vibration and expand your aura, you open yourself up energetically. Don't forget to ground and "shut down" afterwards. Remember you're a spiritual being that has incarnated to have a physical experience and staying in your "woo-woo head" too long can lead to energetic burnout.  

How to Raise your Vibration

All that being said, here are some of my tips for raising your vibration!

Listening to your favorite feel good or spiritual music can help to raise your vibration. What does your soul like to listen to? Drumming, nature sounds, EDM, rap, top 40? Sing along! Clap your hands, stomp your feet, twirl around! This also helps to raise your energy.

Focus on the breath! Take nice, deep cleanising breaths. By focusing on the breath, your mind can begin to enter an altered state or at least more relaxed state. Clear your mind and create space for Spirit. 

Visualization and meditation are key! These tools help you to prime your energetic vessel for ascension. During meditation, when you wish to connect to Spirit, or tap into the energy of the Universe, visualize opening your crown chakra and expanding your aura. *Tip - Visualize the floors going up on an elevator as you breathe. Feel your vibration begin to rise as you ascend.


Open your crown chakra! Bring the color purple into your awareness. Get out the Lotus oil. Work with high vibrational crystals like selenite or amethyst to help facilitate this process. If you want something that packs a little more punch, give apophylite or moldavite a try! (Not for beginners to crystal energy or energy work in general).

Get plenty of rest, fruits, veggies, and water. I know, I know, I say this a lot. I have found a high vibrational diet to be helpful in my own practice, as these habits help you to feel your best from the inside out. This is important when trying to work with high vibrational energy.

Exploring nature is good for the soul and awakens the Spirit. It helps you to feel connected to The All, brings awareness to the energy all around you, and allows you to feel one with the Universe. Expand your awareness to notice signs, symbols, and synchronicities in nature.

Cleaning your space and clearing your energy helps to aid in the energetic flow required to facilitate a raise in vibration of not only your environment, but also your spirit energy.


Want to know which high vibrational energies want to assist you as you raise your vibration and ascend on your spiritual path? Check out my Angels, Guides, & Goddesses Reading or my Spiritual Quest Reading.  

What is your favorite way to raise your vibration? Leave a comment below! 

xo Ariel  


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Fear is the Dimmer, Lightworker

Fear is the Dimmer, Lightworker

Have you experienced any of the following: Anxiety before readings, meeting with clients, events, or public speaking? Nervous coming out as a Healer or Lightworker? Going into a meeting at work where you want to be more assertive but are shaking in your boots? Remember, fear is the dimmer Lightworker.

Dancing at the Altar - My Sacred Space

Maven Unmasked Dancing at the Altar

There is so much powerful primal energy in dancing at your altar space. Twist, whine, bend. Shimmy, shake, stomp. Move your hips and sway to the song of your soul. 

For a long time I felt like I didn't know how to be in my altar space or what to do. I was used to the Catholic way of doing things - kneeling, genuflecting, and mumbling prayers. I love the Catholic Church, don't get me wrong it is what I was raised in. But in my home, alone, with no misselets, choir,  or pews, just me and my altar - I didn't know  what I was supposed to be doing. So I avoided my altar. It was pretty to look at and I felt a sense of pride and comfort looking at it, but I was intimidated by the fact that there were no guidelines or set of rules to follow. I am not Wiccan and find that the way they perform their rituals at the altar didn't resonate with me. Nothing against it, I gave it a try and I wanted more ceremonial freedom. I just felt pretty lost and confused. I wanted an altar practice, but didn't know where to start. 

Maven Unmasked Dancing at the Altar

I didn't want routines then and I still don't now. I don't have a daily requirement of prayer at my altar space - not even a weekly one. The Earth and Spirit are my sacred space. I can connect and tap in wherever I am. I go to my altar when I feel called - for deep connection, prayer, and reflection. I love that my altar space is mine without judgment, protocol, or expectations. Fully clothed or naked, my altar doesn't care. In my Sunday best or in sweatpants, my altar doesn't care. 

Make your altar space yours. Become friends. Build a relationship. Your altar knows your soul. It is a place for your soul to be free. Once I got in touch with that, it was magic. 

You don't have to play instrumental meditation music. I listen and dance to EDM, techno, pop, rock, soul, R&B, and more at my altar. Whatever my manifesting, my soul, or Pandora (lol) is calling for. Light your candles, connect to your soul, and let its dance take over your body. Let it dance through you. Dance for your purpose, your prayers, and your desires. Dance for love, for success, for healing. Dance because your soul and Spirit wants you too. 

I have found that since I began dancing at my altar space, I have formed a deeper bond with it. I have come to love that special feeling of having alone time with my altar.  Instead of feeling unsure at my altar space, I now laugh and feel confident. I have fun. I feel wild and free. I feel me. 

What do you love about your altar practice? What works for you and what doesn't? How has your practice in your sacred space changed?

xo Ariel


It's Totally Okay to Not Know Your Soul's Purpose | Maven Mindset

The Ever Elusive Concept of Soul Purpose

One of the first questions that I can remember being asked that was both freeing and daunting at the same time was "What do you want to be when you grow up?". Whether your 3, 25, 40, or 76 that can often be a heavy question. My answer has changed as I've evolved as a human being and a soul - shaped by my life and my experiences.

As of late, I have been seeing a surplus of articles, videos, posts, books, etc. all about following your Soul Purpose. The idea can be so big that it can make you feel small and lost - forever searching for the elusive 'calling' we are encouraged to find. Most of these posts assume you've already found this or that the sooner you can find it, the sooner you can live it, the better. My perspective is a bit different. It is totally okay not to know!

Don't Know What your Soul's Purpose is? It's Totally Okay!

Not knowing your Soul's Purpose is a beautiful space and time to be in. It is one full of adventure, discovery, and trying new things! It is an exciting time in your journey full of magic and intrigue. The mystery is part of the fun! Find clues from your life experiences. Explore different passions and interests. It is a space where you can dream any dream - no restrictions! Be open to guidance from the Universe. Put your intention out there.

My Experience - Pieces of the Puzzle

Stumped on what your Soul's Purpose is? It is totally okay! Here is my experience and some tips to help you along in your journey of discovery.

Want some guidance on your path to your soul purpose? Book a Life Direction + Soul Purpose Reading with me!

Soul Purpose Reading

Feeling lost or confused as to where your life is headed? Looking for direction and guidance? Are you unsure if the path you are currently walking is your Soul Purpose? This reading is perfect for you if you're:

~ Looking to see where you can create more stability
~ Want to co-create with the Universe
~ Looking for inspiration
~ Are willing to step out of your comfort zone
~ Searching for growth opportunities

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Dealing & Healing when a Loved One has a Serious Illness

It is a scary and sometimes lonely thing when someone who you love dearly is struggling with a life debilitating illness or who has a lot of health problems. I have written this blog post as I am currently going through this with a loved one and have for some time. I have been operating out of a place of fear and now it is time to operate with love. Here is what I have learned so far, as well as Spirit's outlook on dealing and healing when a loved one has a serious illness. 

Be loving & supportive

Give them your love, affection, and tenderness. Be there to clean up the mess, to shed tears with them, to hug them, to pick them up when they fall. Give of your heart. Return to them all of the love, care, and nurturing they showed you in your life. Don't moan and groan when they need your help. Did they do the same when you were sick and needed someone to care for you? 

Don't isolate yourself!

It can be a hard thing to watch as their health declines however, staying alone with your feelings is never a good thing. Also, don't be afraid of spending time with your ill loved one. Sometimes we distance ourselves to protect ourselves emotionally, so it doesn't hurt so bad, however this can often be the worst thing you could do. Spend as much time with them as you can. Spend time with your friends to de-stress. Spend time alone to recharge your batteries. 

Are you in it for the long hall?

The good days and the bad? Take things slowly. Progress is often slow. Take your time. No need to rush. Be steady and stable for them. Someone they can lean upon. Literally. Be a leader. Take their hand. Walk at their pace. Give them an extra boost of encouragement when they need it. Most of all, be patient with them in their journey. 

Cry if you need to however...

Don't cry over something you can't change or something that hasn't happened yet. Do what you can. No more woulda, coulda, shoulda. Focus on the time you do have with them! Make it as grand as possible. Embrace it. Let it wash over you. Enjoy every moment. 

Stay strong

For them and for you too. Don't let fear take over. Focus on the light that lies and lives within them. I can't stress this enough. 

Help them to keep their dignity

Don't shame or belittle them. Don't exclude them. Don't yell or roll your eyes. Don't be condescending or treat them as "less than" or like there is something wrong with them. Be supportive and encouraging. Helpful and loving in your words, actions, and the looks you give them. Remember, this is just as hard on them as it is on you. 


Continue to make memories

Laugh. Hug. Kiss. Take out the photo album. Reminisce. Look back on the positive memories and gifts they've brought to your life. Also know that no matter how big or small, old or young, they have lived a full life in love. There are also beautiful blessings that can come from this situation, although these may be unclear to you now. 

Ramp up the self-care!

Don't turn to drugs, food, sex, or alcohol to help cope. Find a support group. See a counselor or a therapist. Meditate. Play a game. Read a book that you've been meaning to. Go see a movie. Exercise. Focus on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Take a bubble bath. Get a new haircut. Work on your Root & Heart Chakras, your centers of love and security. Anything that makes you feel good (that's for your best and highest) and refreshes your energy - do that. 

And most of all... 

Tell them you love them as much as you can, as often as you can. 

Sending you and your loved one so much love <3

xo Ariel

102 Journal Prompts for the Lightworker in You

Hey there Lightworker, Empath, Starseed, and Timeless Soul! I have created these 102 Journal Prompts for the Lightworker in You. So sharpen your pencil, pull out your notebook, and take a look inside yourself. 

  1. Where does my soul need to feel liberated?
  2. What do I need to forgive in myself?
  3. Whom do I need to forgive?
  4. Where am I holding onto guilt, anger, or resentment in my life?
  5. Where do I feel this guilt, anger, or resentment in my body?
  6. In what instances in my life have I had to learn about "surrender"?
  7. What are my favorite essential oils?
  8. What music lifts my spirits and raises my vibration?
  9. What are my 'go to' crystals and stones?
  10. If I were a crystal, which one would I be and why?
  11. Where in the world do I believe is my soul home?
  12. Am I more aligned with the energy of the Sun or Moon? Why?
  13. What is my favorite moon phase? Why?
  14. Who is my favorite male deity? Why?
  15. Who is my favorite female deity? Why?
  16. What is my favorite healing modality?
  17. What are my thoughts on reiki and other forms of energy healing?
  18. What Archangel do I work with most?
  19. What chakra do I need the most work with?
  20. What is my favorite and least favorite chakra? Why?
  21. Write your own prayer of protection
  22. What kind of landscape relaxes me most and why?
  23. How do you resonate with your zodiac sign?
  24. Think of a time you manifested something awesome! Write about it.
  25. When was the last time you went out of your way to help someone and why did you do it?
  26. Where would you like to volunteer in your spare time?
  27. Write yourself a love letter!
  28. What area of spiritual study would I like to explore more?
  29. What would you like to manifest in the next 30 days?
  30. Think about an item or person that was really hard for you to let go of. Write about why it was so difficult and then about how you felt after you let it go.
  31. How do you experience the exchange of energy in your life?
  32. Think of someone who you don't resonate with for whatever reason. Write about at least one good quality this person has.
  33. What do you have a hard time sharing with the world? Why?
  34. How connected do you feel with others?
  35. What cycles or negative habits do you wish to break?
  36. What are some positive habits you would like to start?
  37. Do you feel that your voice is heard? Why or why not?
  38. Do I overshare? With whom? Why?
  39. Where and when do I see my ego pop into my life?
  40. What lessons in my life have I had to learn repeatedly?
  41. Where should I listen more?
  42. How can I show my gratitude and appreciation for a loved one in a new way?
  43. Take a day where you go out of your way to help everyone you encounter. Write about your experience.
  44. Live a day as your favorite Spirit Animal. Walk with the pride of lion or flutter lightly like the butterfly. Write about your experience.
  45. What masks do you wear everyday? Name them. Write about why you would wear each one.
  46. What causes or charities are most important to you? Why?
  47. How have your values changed over time?
  48. What would the current you tell the you 5 years ago about your journey?
  49. What, if any, supernatural or angelic experiences have you had? How did they make you feel? What did you learn?
  50. What do you think you divine life purpose is? Why?
  51. What does your inner child need from you most?
  52. Draw your emotions. What does your picture say?
  53. What is your favorite quality about yourself?
  54. What are your beliefs on honesty and integrity?
  55. What are your beliefs on trust?
  56. What are your beliefs on unconditional love?
  57. What are your beliefs about the law of attraction?
  58. What are your beliefs about equality?
  59. What are your beliefs about the afterlife?
  60. Do you believe afterlife communication is possible? Why or why not?
  61. What do you think about the relationship between sexuality and spiritual energy?
  62. How can you connect more with the natural world around you?
  63. What do you think your favorite color says about you mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically?
  64. What do you currently need mentally?
  65. What do you currently need spriritually?
  66. What do you currently need emotionally?
  67. What do you currently need physically?
  68. What are your beliefs surrounding abundance and money?
  69. What beliefs would you like to let go of surrounding abundance and money?
  70. Where do I need to show more appreciation and gratitude? How can I accomplish this?
  71. What is your ideal career? Why would you choose this?
  72. What does it mean to 'be humble'?
  73. Where am I jealous or envious in my life? How does this hold me back?
  74. What do I need to say, that I feel like I can't? Write about it.
  75. Where in my life do I find the most joy?
  76. What am I constantly seeking? Why?
  77. Rank these in order of importance and then write about why you chose the order: wisdom, happiness, love, money, success, intuition, spirituality, family & friends, service, knowledge, power
  78. Who is the most influential person in my life? Why?
  79. Where do I want to make a difference in the world? Why?
  80. What can I do today, to make a better tomorrow for someone else?
  81. Do I give too much, but have trouble receiving? Why?
  82. What time era of the past do I most resonate with? Why?
  83. What is your one wish for the world?
  84. Where in my life do I need to show more flexibility?
  85. Where do I feel out of alignment?
  86. What are some of the signs and symbols the Universe has given to me throughout my life?
  87. If I could live my life as a tarot card, which one would I pick and why?
  88. What does the way you give and show love say about you?
  89. Do you think you have met one of your soul mates yet? Who do you think it is? Why?
  90. Write a list of all the things you would like to bring into your future, and not just material items - include emotions and people too!
  91. For 24 hours, focus on the way you think. Pay close attention. Analyze it. What did you learn? What would you like to change?
  92. Where in my life can I take an extra 10 minutes to focus on my spiritual growth and development?
  93. What is the most important lesson I've learned in my spiritual growth and development?
  94. Write down 3 things that you would like to experience this year. Begin planning!
  95. Where do I need to have more patience? 
  96. What does my impatience teach me?
  97. What legacy would I like to leave behind?
  98. How does what I eat affect my mood?
  99. What gifts has meditation and being present in the moment brought to me?
  100. What tools work best for me in calming any anxiety, anger, or sadness I experience?
  101. How often do I communicate with my angels, guides, ancestors, and loved ones in Spirit?
  102. What message has Spirit been sending to me that I have been ignoring? Why?

Happy journaling Lightworker!

xo Ariel

If you want to know more about me, check out my website at or the Maven Unmasked YouTube Channel!