Spiritsong Tarot Deck Interview & Unboxing

Here is the Spiritsong Tarot!

I have found a gorgeous new tarot deck and my fingers are itching to work with it! As some of you know, I am quite picky when it comes to tarot decks so I am over the moon to have found a tarot deck that resonates with me.

Spiritsong Tarot was created by Paulina Cassidy and was published by U.S. Game Systems, Inc., in 2017. 

In this deck interview, I get to know the latest whimsical edition to my collection quite a bit! I also have a link to my unboxing of this deck where you can watch in real time as I unwrap this baby, examine the card stock, explore the guidebook, and drool at the artwork. You can find the video at the end of this blog post. 

In this deck, the four suits are represented by symbols associated with that suit that can be found in nature. I don't mind the name changes of the suits and find them quite fitting. 

Spiritsong Tarot The Ace's - Four Suits | Maven Unmasked
  • Acorns = Fire/Wands
  • Feathers = Air/Swords
  • Shells = Water/Cups
  • Crystals = Earth/Pentacles

I also love the fact that the Suit of Feathers isn't all birds or that the Suit of Shells isn't all sea dwellers. There is a wide variety of creatures represented in this deck. The animals depicted on the cards do not necessarily belong to the elemental suit of the card they represent. 

Are you ready to get to know Spiritsong Tarot? I sure am!

Spiritsong Tarot Deck Interview - Maven Unmasked


  1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
  2. What are your strengths as a deck?
  3. What are your limits as a deck?
  4. What are you here to teach me?
  5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
  6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Here are the cards I received...

1. Knight of Feathers | Action & Focus

This deck is a talker! It likes to work and may be blunt in it's delivery. It's main goal is bringing a plan of focused action to the table. Let's put on our thinking caps! 

2. Eight of Feathers | Courage & Solutions

This deck is helpful for determining how to best pull out my inner strength. It can help me to develop a better send of self-confidence - hellloooo solar plexus chakra! It loves to come up with empowering solutions to tough problems. Sometimes even the smallest solution can be a powerful one. It sees the little details I may miss when I'm in panic mode or feeling small. 

3. Awakening | Renewal & Enlightenment

This deck is not for answering questions pertaining to spiritual development and awakening. It is better suited for aspects of the physical realm like relationships, health, abundance, creative endeavors, intellectual pursuits, or decision making. This is not the deck when you're looking for respite or spiritual revival. Spiritsong Tarot wants to get things done! 

4. Seven of Feathers | Preparation & Resourcefulness

Expect the unexpected. Have a Plan A, B, C, D, E, & F. Know and be respectful of your limitations. Know when someone is incapable of being something that you need. Be your own best support. 

5. The Moon | Imagination & Perception

The best way for me to collaborate with this deck is when trying to see through illusions or any fantastical ideals that I have built up in my head around situations. This deck is a reality check, a dose of intuitive wisdom. It wants me to open my mind, play with my imagination, but still have the awareness for when a shift to a higher perspective is needed. 

6. Five of Acorns | Challenge & Growth

This deck wants to challenge me in every aspect of my growth and who I am. It wants me to take my power back. To roar confidently with a voice so strong that the quiet leaves begin to tremble. I happily accept your challenge Spiritsong Tarot! 


If you want to see more of the cards, here's my Spiritsong Tarot Unboxing video on YouTube!


Do you work with this deck? What have your experiences been with it?




My First Tarot Reading Experience

My First Tarot Reading Experience

If you travel Rt. 3 in Maryland, you may be familiar with Ms. Devon's house on the side of the road. A house of magic, mystery, and fortune telling. I would see this house on a daily basis and always tried to look closely when driving past to see if I could catch any of the magic and mystery seeping out of the roof or through the windows.

A girlfriend and I went to the house searching for psychic answers. It was Fall and the air was crisp. It felt like an adventure just being on the property and we walked up the painted creaky wooden steps to the screened in front porch of the home.

FALL 2017 TAROTSCOPES | September 22nd to December 20th

FALL 2017 TAROTSCOPES | September 22nd to December 20th

I thought I would do something different this season, so instead of a blog post, each sign gets a video reading according to their astrological element! Yay! Watch yours to get a snapshot of the energy surrounding you this autumn. Let me know what you guys think of this or if you prefer the blog post style. Be sure to watch the 'Scopes for your Moon & Ascendant signs as well as your Sun sign! 

Fear is the Dimmer, Lightworker

Fear is the Dimmer, Lightworker

Have you experienced any of the following: Anxiety before readings, meeting with clients, events, or public speaking? Nervous coming out as a Healer or Lightworker? Going into a meeting at work where you want to be more assertive but are shaking in your boots? Remember, fear is the dimmer Lightworker.

Octopus as a Spirit Animal | Animal Totems

Under the sea in an Octopuses garden...

Has Octopus crawled across the ocean floor and swam into your mind's eye? Octopus as a Spirit Animal is akin to the call of the siren. Octopus is a magical creature of the sea who is often feared, revered, and unseen. This master of disguise and sea legend has something to say to us about how we live our lives and the mysteries it holds. Octopus is also a great model for working with the energy of Mercury Retrograde. Here is what it may mean for you if the spirit of Octopus has grasped you in its tentacles. 

Octopus as a Spirit Animal

Multi-tasking & Focus  

Octopus has multiple arms which are great for having your hands in many pots. If you find yourself constantly busy multi-tasking, call upon Octopus to help you do your tasks effectively with equal attention. Balance and time management is key. Know your strengths. Octopus also reminds us to 'Get a grip!' as the suckers on their tentacles encourage us to get a firm grip on something before going at it full force. 


With 8 appendages, Octopus definitely has something to share with us about prosperity as 8 is the universal number of abundance and cycles. The infinity symbol, or lemniscate as it is also known, tell us that there is no beginning and no end, just an endless cycle of energy flow. Connect with Octopus when working with you sense of self-worth and prosperity, or when manifesting abundance. 

Flexibility & Fluidity

Be flexible and have an escape plan. Octopus can fit through incredibly tight places which look seemingly impossible to squeeze through. They are also great problem solvers due to their high functioning intellectual abilities. The Octopus knows it's limits and can understand obstacles from many perspectives, thereby allowing them to do the impossible - find a way out, down, or around. If you are struggling to find a solution to a problem, ask Octopus to teach you flexibility and to think outside of the box. They also have phenomenal strength and a fierce beak to devour prey. Octopus also encourages you to work on your strength and flexibility in your physical body.

Octopus as a Spirit Animal

Shadow work, Creativity, & Inuition

Explore the depths of the ocean floor. Octopus is a great companion in shadow work as it is not afraid to go to the unexplored depths with you, for it lives and breathes naturally here. When emotions creep up from hidden chambers and wrangle your mind, Octopus asks for you to explore them. Pick them up with your many tentacles and analyze them with reason. Are the monsters that lie within your depths really as scary as you think? The unseen darkness, the sea creature with abnormally long tentacles that stretch out of the sea and into your imagination, tickling your cranium with it's ideas - Octopus also reminds us to work with our creativity and intuition. Get your creative juices flowing! The sea monster of lore and fantasy asks for your fear to spark your intuition, increase your awareness, and allow your creative energy to flow.

Illusion & Confusion

Are you really seeing what you think you're seeing? Octopus is great at camouflage as it can readily change it's appearance through playing with the colors, spots, and textures in it's environment. A creature that can truly hide in plain sight. Is all really as it seems in your world? For the Octopus, black ink is yet another defense mechanism to confuse predators and allow for a quick escape from danger. Be mindful that what you are experiencing may just be an illusion caused by your own projections or what someone else wants you to see. What is the truth of the matter? Again, be flexible and fluid. Look out for predators. Have a plan or a trick up your sleeve, if you need to make a great escape from an unhealthy, dangerous, or toxic situation.

xo ariel

Sacred Space Check In Tarot + Oracle Spread

Hey Loves!

As an addendum to my blogs about altars and sacred spaces, here is the Sacred Space Check In Tarot + Oracle Spread I designed to help you focus, come to your altar with a game plan, gain clarity on how you can amp up your sacred space, what else you can bring to your altar, and how to deepen your connection to your sacred space. 

Maven Unmasked Sacred Space Check In Tarot/Oracle Spread
  1. What does my soul need at the altar?

  2. What situation can I gain clarity on at the altar?

  3. What can I bring to the altar?

  4. What can I leave/release at the altar?

  5.  What can I do to build a stronger connection to my sacred space? 

  6. What "tune up" will time at the altar give to me? 

  7. What message do my angels and guides have for me? 


Here is my card pull with the Cosmic Reading Cards (Rockpool, 2016) using this spread so you can see how it works!

1. Balance - Yes, I definitely need some work on balancing and harmonizing my energy centers as well as my emotions.

2. Mirrored Souls - Whew, I have a bit of a confusing Twin Flame situation going on, so it's nice to know I can gain more clarity on this situation at my altar. 

3. Mother Earth - I can bring more nature elements into my sacred space like leaves, branches, herbs, etc. I also feel that this saying I should call in the energy of Earth Mother when I spend time there. 

4. New Chapter - The yearnings for a new chapter or new beginning in my life. I can release any concerns or fears about this new chapter at the altar.

5. Hope - This feels like I need to believe and trust more in the power of time spent in my sacred space.

6. Patience - LOL! Yes, I need a bunch of that. I do think that by focusing on balance at the altar (Card 1), I will thereby be better able to have more patience in my everyday life.

7. Celestial Teacher - Spirit is asking me to do more channeling with and tune in to high vibrational beings. I also feel like this is a message for me to begin teaching more classes. 

Happy Shuffling! xo Ariel

Sacred Space Check In Spread

Summer 2017 Tarotscopes | June 21st to September 21st 2017

Here are your Summer 2017 Tarotscopes for June 21st to September 21st 2017! Read about the vibes that will be surrounding you all summer long! Be sure to read the Tarotscope for your Sun, Moon, & Rising signs to get a more complete picture as to what you can expect this season whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. As a special bonus this season, I have included an extra oracle card to determine what sector of your life these energies may affect you in. The deck I used for these readings is the Cosmos Tarot + Oracle by Light Grey Art Lab (2015). If you'd like to book a reading with me in regards to a particular situation, you can do so here. Have a lovely summer beautiful souls!

The overall theme for everyone this summer is...

Maven Unmasked Summer 2017 Tarotscopes Pic - Theme

 10 of Water - Corona Borealis | Mars 

The energy of Mars will be charging us up with vitality, drive, action, and maybe even some aggression this season. This is the fuel that will propel us forward into a season of wins, triumphs after sacrifices, and fresh starts!



9 of Earth - Pavo | Sun

Stay vigilant and keep watch as you forge a new path for yourself. Carve out the sunshine this summer Aries - a rebirth awaits! Strike while the iron is hot. Get ready and be prepared to make a move at a moments notice! Your watchful eye will help you to know when the timing is right. Your path will unfold as it is illuminated from within. It is carefully being created and lined with gold. Visualize it! Pay attention to the details and the Divine guidance you are receiving. 



7 of Earth - Crater + Corvus | Comet

You may be procrastinating to some effect this summer Taurus. Don't let it turn into stagnation! Have you put yourself in a trap of your own devising? Stop making excuses and follow through on your plans. Stop waiting for a sign. Follow your heart. Don't start tomorrow - start today! Seize the opportunity. Why the delay? Sometimes 'tis better to move forward on your own, than to have the Universe push you into a situation where you have no choice BUT to move. 



6 of Earth - Dorado | Saturn

Be mindful where you gamble this season Gemini as times are a changing. Are you putting all of your eggs in once basket? Be mindful that you are not deferring responsibilities to someone else this summer. Delegating is one thing however, are the hands you are trusting with your duties coming from the highest integrity? Keep an eye on your assets and make adjustments when needed, especially in matters where more discipline and foresight is required. 



The Chariot - Libra | Neptune

Use your intuition and foresight this summer to bring more balance and harmony into your world this summer Cancer. There may even be new insights for you regarding this in your dreams. This will help you to begin the huge move forward you've been waiting on! Acknowledge and be aware of the duality in all things. The light and dark aspects of different situations may warrant more development of your intuitive insights this season. Try to have an open mind and a willingness to look at all sides of the equation. Where does your intuition tell you that something is out of alignment? 


Maven Unmasked Summer 2017 Tarotscope Pic - Leo.JPG


The Hanged Man - Vela | Supernova

Have faith and patience this season Leo. There may be some shocking surprise in store for you this summer. Be flexible and go where the wind takes you - even if it may feel like you've been blown off course for a while. Keep your emotions in check. Emotional outbursts may only make the situation more explosive than it needs to be. Learn to ride the stormy seas and know that the skies will part and the sun will shine once again. Listen to the guidance and wisdom of your Higher Self as well as the cosmos. 



Justice - Aquarius | Moon

Some secrets may be bubbling up to be revealed for you this summer Virgo. Light will definitely be shed on the situations that have had you questioning lately. Justice is on it's way to you. Is there a secret you have been harboring that is keeping you feeling bound? Perhaps one that was once a truth for you that is no longer so? Break the cycles and patterns this season! You will have more energy around you to help you begin this work. Might I even suggest some moon phase shadow work? 



5 of Air - Carina | Worm Hole

This may be a bit of a stressful time for you this summer Libra. Stuck between a rock and a hard place is only the tip of the iceberg. You may be putting on a mask everyday just to try to make it through and save face however, there is so much more underneath the surface. Make sure to get plenty of rest and alone time to avoid burnout and additional undue stress. Guided meditations and affirmations are your friend this season Libra! There may also be a benefactor or some synchronistic encounter with someone who can help you to find the missing piece of this equation and recover some solace. 



King of Water - Camelopardalis | Uranus

Get your emotions in check and see the bigger picture this season Scorpio! Take a bird's eye view. See the forest for the trees. This could be in regards to a passionate or sexual relationship this summer. Are you truly listening to all of the information that is available to you or are you only hearing one side of the equation - the side you want to hear? Take off the rose colored glasses! If you want to indulge in your passions or explore your sexuality, wonderful, that's fine and dandy - just remember to take a step back from the emotions and fantasy to view the whole situation for what it is. 



Wheel of Fortune - Pegasus | Galaxy

You are becoming an even greater leader in your community this summer Sagittarius. Luck is on your side! You may be acknowledged for your work, inclusiveness, and diversity. You could also be volunteering a lot of your time and effort to bettering and engaging with the community this season as well. This summer is about you truly stepping into your own Sagittarius, especially as the last Full Moon of Spring 2016 was in your sign. Gear up! That power will push you forward and help you to expand all summer long!



Strength - Puppis | Venus

You may have some strain in your love life and relationships this summer Capricorn. Although this energy may be surrounding you, be aware of your strength. It may not be the most pleasant experience however, you have gained valuable tools to keep you from crumbling and completely falling apart. Stand in your power. Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra work may be beneficial to you this season. Where can you still find love and beauty? There may even be someone new waiting to enter the picture to help you through this situation. I also feel like this may be a call for you to work ever more closely with the Divine Feminine within you and the Universal Love of the cosmos. 



9 of Fire - Are | Nebula

Ceremony, ritual, and study are the name of the game for you this season Aquarius. Put on your witchy hats, lab coats, and wacky scientific curiosity! Breaking down your processes, keeping detailed notes, exploring new theories and testing them will be an essential part of your summer. It is truly about discovering what it is exactly you believe and why. Spend your time reading and experimenting and find what works for you. You may even be surprised to discover that what once used to work for you and resonated so deeply no longer does. What is it NOW that makes you tick? 



Queen of Air - Aquila | Mercury 

You may meet a powerful ally in regards to your business this season Pisces! A new benefactor, investor, or someone with more stake in the game could be coming to your aid and amping up your reach as well as your potential. There may even be a business deal or an opportunity to work together on the table! This could be in regards to the areas of networking, interviews, public speaking, social media, the internet, and sales. Keep your wits about you. Do your research and don't be afraid to ask questions and take the help if you feel it is for your best and highest good. 


Here's to a Summer full of Sunshine!

xo Ariel


7 Steps to a Kick-Ass Sacred Space

Ready to take your sacred space creation up a notch? Want to incorporate more of your personality into your sacred space? Have you become bored with your current altar setup?

Here are 7 Steps to a Kick-Ass Sacred Space! 

7 Steps to a Kick-Ass Sacred Space Maven Unmasked
  1. If you're considering having an altar, what kind would you have? What is your purpose for creating one? Here are some themes to help you get started: psychopomp work, connecting with Spirit, Source, or deity, for prayers and mantras, ancestral, wealth/success, love, career, gratitude, fertility, psychic ability, health/healing, inner child/shadow work, protection, serenity/peace, seasonal/Wheel of the Year?
  2. Consider how you want to feel at your altar. Powerful? Confident? Strong? Free? Wild? Primal? Loving? Nurturing? Mystical? Witchy? Sexy? What can you do to help enhance this vibe in your sacred space? Do you need to switch things around a bit?
  3. Create the ambiance! Incense, music, and candles to help set the mood. 
  4. Work with nature elements! Seashells, acorns, flowers, leaves, stones, crystals. Open a window to let in sunlight or moonlight, as well as fresh air
  5. Color and texture - will you be working with the sun or the moon? What colors do you like or represent the theme of your altar? Doing shadow work? You may want to use darker colors like dark blues, black, and burgundy in rich textures like velvet. Looking for energy? Use bright sunny colors of oranges, reds, and yellows in light airy fabrics and linens. 
  6. Bits and bobbles - what special items would you use? Crystals, photos, journal entries, letters, money or coins, a special piece of jewelry or a lucky talisman?
  7. Make it your own - it doesn't have to look like anyone else's but yours. It doesn't have to be big and elaborate, nor does it have to look straight out of a magazine, designed by a professional, or like it cost hundreds of dollars. Use what you have! 

*Bonus tip! Keep the energy of the space clear and flowing. Smudge regularly. Have a bowl of water at your altar space to keep the energy moving. Don't forget to change it every few days or so. 

Things to consider when creating your sacred space:

  1. Do you want it to be private or do you not care who sees/inquires about it? 
  2. Do you wants aspects of it to be portable? 
  3. Will your altar setup be temporary or long term? 
  4. Do you have young children or animals in the home who you don't want messing around with it? 
  5. Invite your angels, guides, ancestors, and loved ones in spirit in when creating your altar space. They will spend time here with you, so create it together in sacred union.

Want to see more of my sacred spaces? Here is a video for you :)

xo Ariel

Dancing at the Altar - My Sacred Space

Maven Unmasked Dancing at the Altar

There is so much powerful primal energy in dancing at your altar space. Twist, whine, bend. Shimmy, shake, stomp. Move your hips and sway to the song of your soul. 

For a long time I felt like I didn't know how to be in my altar space or what to do. I was used to the Catholic way of doing things - kneeling, genuflecting, and mumbling prayers. I love the Catholic Church, don't get me wrong it is what I was raised in. But in my home, alone, with no misselets, choir,  or pews, just me and my altar - I didn't know  what I was supposed to be doing. So I avoided my altar. It was pretty to look at and I felt a sense of pride and comfort looking at it, but I was intimidated by the fact that there were no guidelines or set of rules to follow. I am not Wiccan and find that the way they perform their rituals at the altar didn't resonate with me. Nothing against it, I gave it a try and I wanted more ceremonial freedom. I just felt pretty lost and confused. I wanted an altar practice, but didn't know where to start. 

Maven Unmasked Dancing at the Altar

I didn't want routines then and I still don't now. I don't have a daily requirement of prayer at my altar space - not even a weekly one. The Earth and Spirit are my sacred space. I can connect and tap in wherever I am. I go to my altar when I feel called - for deep connection, prayer, and reflection. I love that my altar space is mine without judgment, protocol, or expectations. Fully clothed or naked, my altar doesn't care. In my Sunday best or in sweatpants, my altar doesn't care. 

Make your altar space yours. Become friends. Build a relationship. Your altar knows your soul. It is a place for your soul to be free. Once I got in touch with that, it was magic. 

You don't have to play instrumental meditation music. I listen and dance to EDM, techno, pop, rock, soul, R&B, and more at my altar. Whatever my manifesting, my soul, or Pandora (lol) is calling for. Light your candles, connect to your soul, and let its dance take over your body. Let it dance through you. Dance for your purpose, your prayers, and your desires. Dance for love, for success, for healing. Dance because your soul and Spirit wants you too. 

I have found that since I began dancing at my altar space, I have formed a deeper bond with it. I have come to love that special feeling of having alone time with my altar.  Instead of feeling unsure at my altar space, I now laugh and feel confident. I have fun. I feel wild and free. I feel me. 

What do you love about your altar practice? What works for you and what doesn't? How has your practice in your sacred space changed?

xo Ariel


After Tarot | Deck Review & Interview

After Tarot was created by Pietro Alligo and Corrine Kenner with artwork by Giulia Francesca Massaglia. The deck was published by Lo Scarabeo in 2016. 

After Tarot Deck
After Tarot Deck

It is an interesting take on the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck as this is a spin on what happens 1 second after the moments captured in the RWS cards we have come to know and love so well over the decades. 1 second after The Fool walks off of that cliff, what do you think happens? The After Tarot is here to help us answer those questions in a fun and unique way! 

Great card stock! Solid and gives a nice riffle shuffle.

Great card stock! Solid and gives a nice riffle shuffle.

I love the design on the back of these cards!!! 

I love the design on the back of these cards!!! 

I love how the deck still honors the original meanings however there seems to be an added edge to them or an extra piece of the puzzle. If you read with RWS a lot, give this deck a try for a new perspective - it won't disappoint. 

I am not one for Lo Scarabeo decks honestly. I don't have many and the ones I do have I tend to use a handful of times and never pick up again. For some reason, I just don't resonate with their decks. After Tarot is the exception! From the concept to the card stock and overall feel of the deck - I AM IN LOVE! I like the RWS yes, but dare I say that I may end up using this version more? It really has freed my mind in how I look at traditional tarot. 

The Box & Guidebook

The Box and packaging were great! The box is nice and sturdy with a magnetized closure on the side to keep your guidebook and cards dry, clean, and secure. I also love the reproduction of The Moon on the inside cover! It was definitely a nice surprise. 

The Guidebook (written by Corrine Kenner) is 160 pages and comes with small color reproductions of the cards. The guidebook is divided into sections in a unique way. It is organized by The Fool and then by the numbers - The Ones, The Twos, The Threes, and so on. Each card has archetype or phrase associated with it as well as the card description, key symbols, and suggested interpretations. 

It then goes into The Four Pages, The Four Knights, etc. The only problem I have with this however is that it may require a bit more work to find your desired page if you're in a hurry as the Major Arcana are not separated. I also have an issue with the fact that The Four Pages in the guidebook don't have the same layout as the other court cards in the guidebook. I also wish that the author had gone into the same amount of detail with the court cards as she had with the Major and Minor Arcana. The way the court cards are written about just has a different feel from the rest of the guidebook. 

Favorite Cards

Here are some of my favorite images in the deck. Click on the image to expand it.

After Tarot - Favorite Major Arcana Cards

After Tarot - Favorite Major Arcana Cards


Deck Interview Spread

  1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
  2. What are your strengths as a deck?
  3. What are your limits as a deck?
  4. What are you here to teach me?
  5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
  6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Here are the cards I received...

1. 3 of Wands

This deck is an adventurer, an explorer, a hunter. It likes to take a birds eye view of the situation in order to see the bigger picture. 

2. Page of Swords

This deck is helpful for determining what to do with a new skill. It also likes to aid you in thinking in a new way and may even push you to use your skills, talents, and abilities. 

3. The Sun

This deck is not going to sugarcoat anything. It will tell you like it is. It may even like to play around or could be a bit childish. It will present you with your options however, you may have to decipher the truth for yourself. 

4. The Hierophant

Spiritual Truth and Divine Universal Law is the name of the game! This deck wants to unfold high wisdom and guidance unto its users, in this case - me :) 

5. Ace of Pentacles

The best way for me to collaborate with this deck is when planting new seeds and digging deep to find answers. This deck may even be particular to readings concerning the material - health, career, family, or finances.

6. The Lovers

Love! Pure and simple. Lovingly helping in decision making. There will be a sense of partnership and unity that comes when we work together. What more could I ask for!


All in all, I am really enjoying this deck thus far. I love the different spin it gives on traditional tarot and I think you will too! Do you work with this deck? What have your experiences been with it?

Happy Shuffling!

xo Ariel