Hello Beautiful Soul!

I’m Ariel and I am a Certified Psychic Medium offering Holistic Tarot + Mediumship Readings. Working with my intuition, spirituality, and a natural gift of providing loving, healing guidance to others has always been a part of who I am and my journey. I use my psychic ability and intuition to guide me in my readings. I always ask and call upon your angels, guides, loved ones in Spirit, and ancestors to be with me when performing your reading, to ensure that the information that comes through is what you need to know right now for your best and highest good. It is an honor to do this work and I am truly in gratitude. From my soul to yours with much love & light. xo

NEW! Here are my recommendations for the top oracle decks for beginners. xo Ariel 

Hmm...May leaves some questions lingering in the air. Spirit won't tell all, but what can we glean about the growth and challenges we may experience this month?

What's New!

Archangel Healing Reading

Are you in need of angelic healing guidance?

Are you constantly giving to others with nothing left to give to yourself? Feeling down, tired, drained, or just all around in a funk? Do you feel like your angels are trying to send you a message that you're just not understanding? 

Archangel Healing Reading uses oracle and or tarot cards to call upon the energy of the angels and Archangels to help you determine how you can invite more self-care and healing into your routine. The angels want to help you replenish and nourish yourself! 

Past Life Reading

Do you ever wonder who you once were? Curious about your past lives? This reading is perfect to give you insight into one of your past lives in 12 different areas - from your personality and relationships to your major lessons and challenges, this reading has it all! This fun reading also takes a look at how your past life is affecting you right now. 


Inspiration for the Uninspired - Free eGuide

Are you harboring any anger, resentments, sadness, or apathy and boredom? Do you feel as if you're in a slump spiritually or that you can't hear your higher self or divine wisdom?

This free eGuide is to here to help you reignite the spark of creative energy and inspiration within your spirit. The goal of this 15 page guide, is to help you discover something that has you bubbling with excitement, energy, and ideas! You can use it to find inspiration in the everyday, to enhance the desire for you to create, and to have you birthing ideas left and right!  


what is a lightworker? | a message from spirit

"Do you feel that tug deep within your belly? This is where you feel it burning. Do you feel the yearning in your heartbeat for something greater for the whole of existence? This is where the essence lies. This purity in your heart. This pull of belief and faith, of trust and hope, of righteousness and love - this is where your purpose is born. You each have a special talent. A gift from your soul self which you wanted to give to the world when you planned this life in unity and love with Spirit. Don't you remember? Talk with us. Ask us to show you the way. Work on your healing so that you may begin to heal others. We are waiting and ready for you to begin your work." 

You may be a Lightworker if...

You feel that you have a calling or vocation, that you incarnated for a certain purpose, even though you may not be sure as to what exactly that is yet

Have a calling to heal others, maybe due to trauma in your life or a spiritual awakening

Want to help save the planet, care for the environment, and the creatures of the earth

Want to share your experiences to help heal others

Have a sense of connection to the knowledge that you're a spiritual being of infinite light

Have psychic abilities, premonitions, work with and feel energy, are a medium, a healer (reiki, crystal healer, or your own form of spiritual/energy healing), a teacher or mentor, a shaman, or a student of spiritual practices

Feel a call to help, teach, guide, and lead a positive example for children

Want to bring love, healing, unity, harmony, and peace to the world

Believe that there is more than just this experience of existence (ex: other planes of existence, angelic realm, other worlds/dimensions/universes, where deity resides, heaven, the summerland, Asgard, realm of the fae, you catch my drift...)

Have a natural desire to help, nurture, encourage, and comfort others

May be interested in past lives, karma, law of attraction, divination, work with Spirit or loved one's who have passed, angels, guides, nature, Earth Mother, ancestors, reincarnation, life after death, lives between lives

Are curious about your soul contract and the Akashic Records

Have an interest in the study of metaphysics, astrology, or numerology

Does any of this sound like you? If so, you may be a Lightworker!